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This is the full guide for Kinessa with every build you need for her. 

Let's begin, you can play her with 2 different playstyles:

- 1st. Camplike (finding the positions to snipe from, playing around them, trying to cover your team-mates and helping with kills and dmg from distance), this style is for players who like to stay behind and play passive but still they want to be usefull.

- 2nd. Run N Snipe (running with team, or near and trying to use fast sniping shots also this playstyle includes many out zoom shooting), this style is for players who have passion for sniper and similar champions but still love to play agressive and risky. 

Build 1 - CAMPER

This build is for camp-like Kinessa play style. Guide provides both off and deff sides. 

1. (Offensive side) Quick Scope + Prodigy + Open Season combo is good for killing, you can fast zoom in-zoom out, little movement speed when aiming and if you hit target you have vision over target for 2 seconds which is enaugh. All you need is to practice aiming abit and you are ready to go !

2. (Deffensive side) Restore or Well Stoked are good when a flanker come to kill you. Kinessa is weak in this situations, so with this playstyle there is no way that a good flanker will walk pass you, in worst case scenario he will mark you as his primary target. That means he will come to kill you again and agian. Because of this situation with this build you have 2 options to chose when a flanker come for you:

- Before you find your position to snipe you will set mines, you can set max 4 of them. Try to set them in smart way where you think that the flanker will come. Use 4 of them, when a flanker comes, mines will probably catch him. He will get slowed and you will deal more dmg to him if he was hit by mines. That means this is the situation where you stay and fight vs flanker on your own.

- You can use same tactic with mines, but if somehow situation is hard to mange you can use your Transporter (teleport) to run away and heal yourself abit.

Also if you find yourself in a really hard situation, in you could probably die (let's say 2 flankers on you) just try to escape as fast as you can.


1. Deft Hands - My opinion is that this is the best red item for her. This item helps you to hit more shots, more shots = more dmg. This item also helps when flanker attack you. You can stay and fight him, you will not lose that much time on reloading as you would usually.

2. Haven - Best deffensive item in game, you can use this item on every champion and in 90% situations it will be good choice. Take this and you won't regret :). Use it, you will need this most of the time vs flankers.

3. Kill to Heal - From the name you know what is your duty for this item to be effective. Try to focus on your aim, hit and kill as much as you can.

4. Nimble - Movement speed will help you to faster control your positioning, deal with flankers, reposition, come faster at sniper position, fast shoot hide, shoot hide use.

Build 2 - RUN N SNIPE

This build is for aggresive and risky playstyle. Aggresive, because you will be playing fast, trying to get good fast shots and pick up kills. You won't shoot only long range shots, this build is more for middle, close range shots. Risky, because Kinessa is weak at close range. She don't have such a great escape mechanics and you  are dependent of hitting those shots and how well you can use your skill combos.

1. Quick Scope + Prodigy is the standard thing for her sniping, some players use only one of these but I like to use it together. This card combo gives you faster scoping and fast movement speed while zoomed in.

2. True Grit + Power Supply, you can use this as a little combo tip which will force you to hit those full charged shots and trying to become killing machine. Let me explain, True Grit will give you 300hp  heal from your hit shots, then it make sense to try hitting as many shots because it will give you more sustain with your hp. Then you have Power Suppy which force you to get kills to be effective, also you need hitting and hitting which leads you to kills. If you kill a target you will get faster reload speed, which helps you to deal more shots. There is more stuff which is connected to items that you should use.

3. Bob and weave, giving you some movement speed when deploying transporter (teleport), this will help you to use your transporter easier and give you time to escape or reposition.


1. Deft Hands - In this Run N Snipe build Deft Hands is a good pickup. When you combine your deck cards with champion skills don't forget that you can combine cards with items also. In this case Deft Hands + Power Supply gives you I love to say "sexy" combo for reloading. Kinessa have slow base reload speed so for this playstyle it is great to have these two.

2. Haven - I wrote everything above, not much to say more here :)

3. Life Rip - In Build 1 we had Kill to Heal as green item, difference is when you are camping you don't need that much sustain, because you use walls as cover. Here you really need sustain so you can manage to survive. Same as Deft Hands you have combo: Life Rip + True Grit, this will boost your healing effect and give you great sustain in combat. Deft Hands and Life Rip are goto items in this build.

4. Nimble - I also wrote for this item above, you will get in crazy situations with this style so little movement speed should help.


Sorry for long post and my english is not native. This is my 1st guide, I will try to update this guide as much as I can with more info and maybe some changes in build. I really enjoy making guides so you can expect guides for other champions from me, hope you like it ! 

Build Name


Quick Scope III
Prodigy II
Open Season II
Restore III
Well Stocked II



Deft Hands III
Haven III
Kill to Heal III
Nimble III



Quick Scope II
Prodigy IV
True Grit IV
Power Supply I
Bob and Weave I



Deft Hands III
Haven III
Life Rip III
Nimble III


Amplitude I
Beam Me Up I
Bob and Weave I
Calibrate I
Generator I
Headstrong I
Lie in Wait I
Octoppressor I
Open Season I
Power Supply I
Prodigy I
Quick Scope I
Reconfigure I
Restore I
Tracking I
True Grit I
Well Stocked I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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