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For a quick burst combo press F (Dodge Roll), Press Left click,  Q, Right click in order but almost simultaneously then Left click. You can practice in shooting range.

In matches generally try to get close with Shielders and Healers. If you are alone and a flankers jumps to you, try to Dodge Roll to your teammates.

I believe best items are defensive items.

If there are too many much crowd control in the enemy team (like Bomb King, Mal Damba, Pip) buy Resilience. Bomb King no longer throw you for miles :D Yeah it even reduces the duration of Pip's ult!

If there are too many direct damage in the enemy team buy Haven.

If there are too many blast damage in the enemy team buy Blast Shields. You can check damage types

Other than defensive items, buy Chronos then Wrecker or Cauterize depending on the enemy team. If there are two shielder on the enemy team (like Fernando, Makoa) buy Wrecker item and spam shields. If there are two healers (like Ying, Grokh) buy Cauterize and try your best. Also you can buy Bulldozer (extra damage to deployables like Barik turret and Ying illusions). Point is they are static targets, can be shot from distance easily.

I recommend Life Rip for healing item. It helps in long fights, especially against massive health champions like Makoa, Fernando and Buck. If you trust your healer teammate(s) you can buy Rejuvenate. You can buy Kill to Heal too, very useful item for Cassie.

Important: Buy 4 kind of items first, then buy upgrades. Because price/performance ratio decrease while upgrading to tier 2 and tier 3.

Example: Tier 1 Life Rip. Paying 400 credits for %10 lifesteal. Tier 2 Life Rip. Paying 1200 credits for %20 lifesteal. Yeah it's actually 1200 (400 + 800), not 800.

Anyway you cany buy Haven tier 2 early if there are 4+ direct damage heavily champions in enemy team (It happens a lot!)

Also I highly recommend you to watch J3ubbleboy's Cassie guide.


Build Name


Quiver IV
Incitement IV
Onslaught II
Lunge I
Somersault I



Chronos III
Life Rip III
Wrecker III
Haven III


Blast Shower I
Drain Life I
Excitement I
Fatal Sign I
Incitement I
Intense Training I
Kinetics I
Lunge I
Megaton I
Onslaught I
Quiver I
Raze I
Sky Warden I
Somersault I
Territorial I
Tumble I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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