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The last update made Grohk a really important healer. Here you can find some tips about how to play Grohk.

How to play Grohk?

Grohk's thing is his totem. He can heal his teammates really fast with his totem but you have to be clever about it. You have to hide it all the time, so it won't die quickly and will heal enough before it goes. His "Ghost Walk" skill can be really usefull when you want to escape from Bomb King's bombs, and most of the ultimates like Skye's, Bomb King's, Androxus' etc. Just use it on the right time, and you can escape everything. Always remember to use your right click to slow down your enemies, so you will aim them easier. And your ultimate can make your teammates survive in a serious team fight. Use it in the middle of a big crowd, and it will heal your teammates and damage your enemies at the same time. The rest it up to your team, and it's usually easy after Grohk's ultimate.

I don't recommend you to use any other cards than these with Grohk, but items can always change. Let me introduce you our cards:

Outreach II: They increased the healing totem's health but still you have to hide it behind  walls, stones, trees and boxes. That's why you need Outreach II. With %20 increased healing area, you can easily hide your totem and still be able to heal your teammates.

Gale IV: One of the most important cards for you. It is going to lower your totem's cooldown 4 seconds when you use your Ghost Walk. More totems, more healing. You can escape from heavy fire and use your totem when your Ghost Walk ends, or you can just click "F" twice to decrease the cooldown when your front line needs quick healing.

Haunting I: This works together with Gale IV. More Ghost Walk, more Gale IV, more totems, more healing. Always use your Ghost Walk.

Healing Rain IV: The other important card for you. Do you know the "Veteran" card? This is it. Your totem heals your teammates %4 of their health every second, and plus your totem healing. It can heal Fernando or Makoa from low health to full health in a few seconds, which will be really useful for them. Also in the middle of the fight if you use your totem, your teammates will be immortal with the healing they get.

Totemic Rescue I: Are you in trouble and have to run? This is the card that you need. When you drop below %30 of your health, it will give you a 200 health shield, which will be really useful for you. With that 200 health, your Ghost Walk's cooldown can finish and you can use it to escape, or you can use your healing totem before you die.

That's all for cards, let's talk about items.

Haven/Blast Shields: You have to survive first to heal, so always start with Haven or Blast Shields according to your enemy. If the enemy has direct attackers like Ruckus, Cassie, Viktor, start with Haven. If they have AoE attackers like Bomb King, Drogoz, start with Blast Shields. It's up to you really, you buy it according to heroes that are going to disturb you.

Wrecker/Bulldozer: You have to buy one of these items after Haven/Blast Shields. Wrecker is mostly for Fernando, and it is really useful against him. So if there is a Fernando or Makoa against you, buy Wrecker. Upgrade it to Level 3 before everything, then you can upgrade your Haven/Blast Shields to Level 2 and 3. Bulldozer, in the other hand, may be a really useful item as well. Most people don't think that it's important, but if you ask me, it's your duty to kill totems, illusions, turrets as a support. That's why you need Bulldozer. If there is no Fernando and there is Barik against you, especially with Ying, get Bulldozer and focus on their turrets/illusions. Make it Level 2 first, and then you can upgrade your Haven/Blast Shields to Level 2 and 3, and then get back to Bulldozer.

Chronos/Morale Boost: Once you upgrade your Haven/Blast Shields and your Wrecker/Bulldozer to level 3, you can choose one of these items. Chronos will help you to create more totems, but in the other hand Grohk's ultimate can be game changing. So it's really up to your understanding of game.

Kill to Heal: You don't really need an item from the green ones, but if you are going to get one, make it Kill to Heal. Grohk is capable of getting eliminations and kills a lot, and this will help you in-game.

That's all for now, have fun.

Build Name


Outreach II
Gale IV
Haunting I
Healing Rain IV
Totemic Rescue I



Haven III
Wrecker III
Chronos III
Kill to Heal III


Arc Lightning I
Astral Traveler I
Conduit I
Crackle I
Electrostatic I
Gale I
Haunting I
Healing Rain I
Lightning Rod I
Monolith Totem I
Outreach I
Phantom I
Shamanic Might I
Thunderlord I
Thunderstruck I
Totemic Rescue I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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