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WARNING: This guide will be out of date when OB 64 goes live!

This was the first guide ever made for Seris, all the way at the first day of her release.

Now that we've seen her being played in the pro scene a lot, it's time to get back to her and rework her build, especially with the changes that have been made to her kit.

Most important card: Soul Forge IV. It's the bread and butter of Seris, since her most viable Legendary, by far, is still Mortal Reach because it has that extra 1 s duration on her healing (the additional range is only necessary on certain maps).

Seris can potentially be a very strong healer, as she's able to continue on channeling her heal even when line of sight to her target is interrupted.

There's no reason to pick Chronos because your center ability, Restore Soul, doesn't profit from it at all. But her ultimate can be quite the game changer, so you should get Morale Boost out of the yellow items.

However, with her projectiles being so fast now and having such a high rate of fire, you wanna get a Cauterize as well. Her damage isn't high enough to make any other red item viable (and Deft Hands is only useful on Mal'Damba and no other champion).

Kill to Heal will help you to increase your self-sustain (because it benefits you even from just getting kill assists) and Haven or Blast Shields helps you take a bit more damage before needing to seek cover or use Shadow Travel.

Since Shadow Travel is her "get out of trouble" card, I'd put a Veil II in there to make sure you get out of trouble as fast as possible. It decreases the chance of you dying while trying to channel Shadow Travel without sacrifcing too many loadout points.

The way to play her is very simple: You stay in the backline or at the side of the map and try to stay alive as much as possible while healing everyone that needs healing, even a Flank or Damage champion. When your tanks aren't low but your damage dealers are, then you should prioritize healing the damage dealers.

Keep in mind that you can cancel Restore Soul by pressing RMB again, so you don't even need to spend the entire 3 seconds on healing a target that is already fine. Canceling this ability also starts its cooldown sooner, and that is only 2 seconds short with this build (hence the redundance of Chronos).

So, yeah. Mortal Reach is still her best Legendary if you wanna increase your odds of winning as much as possible. And this build synergizes the most with that Legendary and Seris' overall kit. It's all about utilizing her abilities to the highest degree. Rend Soul, for example, isn't all that important so putting cards into it doesn't benefit players who want to win games. Restore Soul and Shadow Travel are her most important abilities and her inhand attack can help to spread Cauterize a bit.

However, you should always be using Restore Soul when it's off cooldown. You should prioritize healing over dealing damage, that's very important. You have dedicated damage dealers on your team to do that for you.

Keep in mind that your attacks deal blast damage, meaning that Seris gets countered by Blast Shields and not by Haven. It used to be the other way around, but if you don't believe me - just look in-game.

I hope you enjoy playing her even with Mal'Damba and Jenos being so strong and popular right now, this build should help you keep up with these two unmatched top healers.

Play defensively and carefully, prioritize staying alive and keeping your team mates alive and your team mates will kill your enemies. When your team mates decide to go out and zone, you can sit back and capture the point or push the payload.

It's their responsibility to retreat if they take too much damage so that you can heal them up - it's not your responsibility to give up capturing the point or pushing the payload just to help out someone who fucked up or gets lemming-rushed. If you see your team losing the fight, don't hesitate retreating yourself.  Your team gains nothing when you sacrifice your own life 'cause your team needs its healer alive. The point that you die, your team will collapse like a line of dominos.

The best game modes for Seris are Payload and Siege. She doesn't do all that well in Onslaught because that mode is all about getting kills. The point that your enemies have Cauterize III you can no longer pocket heal your team mates and you will start losing because Seris doesn't deal all that much damage. And usually Onslaught is played on maps with a lot of corners to hide behind, which makes it easy to avoid Seris' ult. And Seris can't defend herself when getting flanked, so it's better to play her on game modes where you can keep your distance to the enemy team.

EDIT 6th December 2017:

Guide abandoned. This guide will no longer be updated or supported.

In exactly one week (13th December 2017) Hirez is going to release an update to Paladins that I don't support at all, therefore I've uninstalled the game a few days ago.

I've made my voice heard on the official forums as well as through Twitter and Discord on multiple occasions, together with thousands of other players who also don't want to see Cards Unbound being implemented into the game.

Hirez however decided to not step away from this commonly and wide spread rejected change to the fundamentals of the game.

Just like thousands of others, I decided to leave Hirez 2 choices;

a) Don't implement Cards Unbound. I'll keep part of your player base.

b) Implement Cards Unbound. I'll uninstall the game forever.

I hope you still enjoy the game and have a nice day!

Build Name


Nether Siphon II
Blood Pact III
Dark Whisper I
Soul Forge IV
Veil II



Morale Boost III
Kill to Heal III
Haven III
Cauterize III


Bane I
Blood Pact I
Dark Sight I
Dark Whisper I
Dusk Walker I
Ebon Dynamo I
Essence Rip I
Fade to Black I
Nether Siphon I
Revenant I
Sorceress I
Soul Forge I
Spirit Leech I
Umbral Gait I
Veil I
Wickedness I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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