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Noble Crest 1 - I had it it to survive two shots from Sha-Lin

Highborn 4 - the more you move the harder are you as a target

bloodline 4 - a selfish card because I never get heals

heir to the throne 1 - to be able to use grace as a movement ability

manifest destiny 2 - to be able to use grace as a movement ability


kill to heal - pretty self explanatory

master riding - to get back to the fight after death

cuaterize - don't even bother their heals shouldn't be able to out heal your damage, if it does don't play Lian

resilience - no one can stop you

Build Name


Noble Crest I
Highborn IV
Bloodline IV
Heir to the Throne I
Manifest Destiny II



Kill to Heal III
Master Riding III
Cauterize III
Resilience III


Bloodline I
Divine Right I
Eagle's Emerald I
Heir to the Throne I
Heraldry I
Highborn I
Inheritance I
Manifest Destiny I
Noble Crest I
Present Arms I
Revitalizing Gem I
Royal Seal I
Shining Topaz I
Signet Ring I
Superiority I
Swift Jade I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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