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Editing: Nine Lives

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Build Name


Chase III
On Edge III
Patch Up II
Walk it Off II
Street Cred II



Cauterize I
Kill to Heal I


Chase I
Cut and Run I
Featherlite I
Fight or Flight I
On Edge I
Patch Up I
Persistence I
Predation I
Savagery I
Scamper I
Scar Tissue I
Shred I
Sixth Sense I
Street Cred I
Streetrunner I
Walk it Off I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
Add the Main Build

Select the cards for the main build first. Then you'll be able to add situational builds.