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Editing: Undying 100k damage Terminus

Guide Info

This guide will help your terminus to deal over 100k damage and remain in the fight for really long. 

Build: (descriptions down below don't match in game so i added a description next to the card)

Devastation 5 - Hitting enemies with calamity blast heals for 250 HP

Necromantic Might 5 - Reduce damage required to gain one charge by 600  (without this you'll need 1200 dmg to hit your syphon to get one charge, so right now you basically get twice as many charges and it's much easier to earn charges from snipers if you time it right)

We can rebuild him 2 - Below 50% healing receive 10% more healing (optional)

Hulking monstrosity 2 - Gain +300 Base HP 

It follows 1 - Cannot be slowed below 60% (optional, but recommended)

Legendary recommended: Decimation, but Undying can also be useful if you want to tank more than deal damage.

How you use this build:

Be aggressive as f***. Get some attention, use your Syphon for 1 second and gain an instant 4 charges. Because of Necromantic Might 5 you'll get almost a charge for every single projectile fired at you. Use your charges as much as possible to heal for 1250 HP and deal a whopping 1750 damage (With decimation legendary, otherwise 1250 damage which is still nice). This means that you can tear down squishies with just calamity blasts and a swing, while you're being super tanky against enemy tanks. The hulking monstrosity card gives you another 300 base HP which is just nice to have. We can rebuild him and It follows are more optional cards but i like playing with those because you get a little bit of extra healing  below 50% (this includes your OWN HEALING) and makes sure you can't be too slow. You're a melee-based guy so having Nimble is always useful when you can't use your calamity blasts. Other items are mostly just standard. Haven/Blast shield are both fine, that just depends on the situation.

However, be efficient with your Syphon. You get to raise it for around 3.5 full charges so you need to be careful when to raise it. Don't be afraid to use it for simple projectiles! With the new champion Dredge stepping in, you can get 3 charges for just the price of 2 projectiles. One more charge and you're already full. 

When to use this build:

Don't use this build if you're going to mainly focus on melee/shatterfall. This build is also not very reliable if you're going to flank and end up in a 1v1. If your enemy is smart, he will stop shooting when you raise your Syphon. Only go for 1v1 if you can easily get charges or already got them.

Use this build if you're not afraid to stand on the objective and absorb all the damage. Again, you whip out your syphon for 1 second and you got all charges ready to heal you for 1250 HP.  If the enemy team has champions such as Dredge (every quick play game has one), Bomb King, Willow, pretty much anyone with predictable projectiles then this is your go-to build. Of course take Blast shields with you. 

Be aggressive, raise your syphon and raise hell. Good luck!

Build Name


Devastation IV
Hulking Monstrosity I
Necromantic Might IV
We Can Rebuild Him II
It Follows I



Nimble III
Rejuvenate III
Cauterize II
Blast Shields II


Abomination I
Blood And Stone I
Despoiler I
Devastation I
Forsaken I
Hulking Monstrosity I
It Follows I
It Waits I
It Watches I
Necromantic Might I
Playing God I
Powerslave I
Stength Of Stone I
Strength of Stone I
Unfeeling I
We Can Rebuild Him I
Wrecking Ball I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
Add the Main Build

Select the cards for the main build first. Then you'll be able to add situational builds.