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Editing: no reload aggressive build

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Nimble fingers and prep are core for her. You can juggle the points between cloak and ninja depends on your playstyle.  

Alternative cards:

Tactical reload for ninja

dissipate for emergency exit

For items, I personally like nimble though you could argue for chronos as well.  Haven/blast shield depends on the opponent's lineup. 

Build Name


Cloak III
Nimble Fingers II
Preparation IV
Emergency Exit I
Ninja II



Deft Hands II
Haven II
Nimble III
Kill to Heal II


Cloak I
Confound I
Decrepify I
Dissipate I
Emergency Exit I
Healing Vapors I
Nimble Fingers I
Ninja I
Poisoner I
Pollute I
Preparation I
Quick Smoker I
Shadow Affinity I
Slip Away I
Smother I
Specter I
Tactical Reload I
Twilight Armor I
Victory Rush I
Aggression I
Blast Shields I
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Chronos I
Deft Hands I
Haven I
Illuminate I
Kill to Heal I
Life Rip I
Master Riding I
Morale Boost I
Nimble I
Rejuvenate I
Resilience I
Veteran I
Wrecker I
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