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Reconstruction IV
Seismic Wave IV
Leg Day II
Rapid Sustain I
Giga Siphon I


Deft Hands III
Haven III
Life Rip III
Morale Boost III
Author's Notes

So here is my build in Buck, even though he is like a tank in a reason (why nerf Barik's health Hi-Rez, whyyyyy) he is still squishy and cannot protect his teammates, he excels in getting kills all by himself and jumping around like a madman, so yeah I made this so you could get (a lil' bit) tankier at survivingarrow-10x10.png 1 v 1's


Remember, you are still a flanker, not a tank, so be careful in using Recovery since it still has a 6 seconds cooldown, even with Reconstruction. And use Heroic Leap more often, since it has 4 seconds cooldown now, thanksarrow-10x10.png to Seismic Wave, and don't get me started on Leg Day.

Rapid Sustain will help in healing when you are at a low health, combined with Giga Siphon and Life Rip, you'll have more sustain than a Ying.


You can choose between Haven and Blast Shields, depending on your enemy team. (Ex. Bomb King (Blast Shields), Kinessa (Haven)), but I prefer Haven more as most champions that dealarrow-10x10.png explosive damage usually have a dropdown (Ex. Trajectory, Slow Projectile, etc.). But if it's a 1 v 1 then just get what your enemy's damage is.

Get Morale Boost to get that juicy Ult more often, sides' you already have cooldown on both of your most used skills and your Ult is basically a steroids for you.

Deft Hands, for obvious reasons... I mean seriously, you wouldn't wanna reload in front of a Ruckus would you?

So that's pretty much a short summing up of what you'll need to arrange in order to be a heavy, buck-tastic flanker and be pretty much unkillable (kind of). Jump in, get some damage and kill somebody, jump out, pretty simple to be honest.


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