Heals, heals and more heals!

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Healing Rain I
Crackle IV
Gale I
Outreach IV
Monolith Totem II


Life Rip III
Wrecker III
Haven III
Chronos III
Author's Notes



Pretty basic build, The idea is pretty straight forward Totem=Life, Plain and simple.  it breaks down into One basic rule YOUR TOTEM IS WHO AND ALL YOU ARE YOU ARE YOUR TOTEM AND YOUR TOTEM IS YOU,As much as you may want that tasty Strix kill or the revenge on that Drogoz who caught you off guard, never leave your totem unguarded. Now don't get me wrong if you play your cards right you will be able to pick off a few enemies trying to mess with you or a teammate but that's as far as your blood thirst goes and well unless a nice juicy tank for you to life steal off of (yeah you're getting that). Grohk has a semi decent health pool and a quick escape for tricky situations, so he can hold the objective or push the payload at a pretty decent rate (I've had a few matches where I've had the most objective time with Grohk) but don't push him too hard he needs his totem to live and so do you're team mates don't over extend and make sure that totem dies of natural causes instead of fire, bullets swords etc. there will be about a 2-3 seconds between your totems if they don't get destroyed depending on if you've used Ghost Walk or not so try and plant that totem down in a nice safe but useful spot every chance you get. Hopefully your team catches on or you can convince them that they need your totem as as you need them to help defend it because the enemy team will want that thing gone as soon as you plant it, if not then try and be a bit more aggressive if you have to Grohk is capable  of holding his own and rallying your team around him in some crazy last stands, just try your best and remember everyone is hopefully trying their best as well, Be nice, Have fun, good luck and Good Game.

Totemic Ward: I wasn't able to choose the legendary card in the load out it should be pretty clear it's the Totem one that increases healing and gives allies immunity to CC for 2s it gives more heals, Heals are literally life (I don't think I used that right but oh well it sounds nice) 

Crackle IV: This means your totem will last longer which means it heals longer, which is well useful. 

Outreach IV: This means you'll be able to heal in a much larger area and I mean a ridiculously large amount Grover eat your heart out, You will need to be smart having a larger area means you can afford to put your totem in more easily defend-able  locations such as corners, pockets, buildings, etc. and if in a well placed area you can help Damage dealers be able to hold the line even harder for even longer.

Monolith Totem II : While  this may seem like  an odd choice at first, I hear you already "HEALS HE SAYS YET HE ONLY INCREASES IT BY A MEASLY 200!?"and I would agree if wasn't for the fact that heals over a longer time is better then a burst heal from a totem that expires as soon as it's up and you're poor team has to huddle around it in a big bundle easily burnable, stabable, explodable... you get the idea I believe its a worth while trade.

Gale I: It's pretty self explanatory chances are you're going to get shot. A lot. now turning into That invulnerable ghost of "not today"will also lower you're healing totem cool down which should pretty much always be cooling down because it should be used and replaced ASAP

Healing Rain I: This in my most humble opinion is a nice topper to the Healing Totem Cake we have crafted or Pie whatever floats your desert  boat, with that 1% extra healing per second is a nice little extra healing.


Life drain: Because well its nice to have an extra source of self sustain and it compliments your lightning ray beam staff of doom.

Wrecker: no one likes shield especially Grohk.

Haven: Grohks an orc he better be able to take a hit like one.

Chronos: Cool down reduction is a must 

Buy in any order you please, or as needed I would suggest Chronos, Wrecker , Liferip then heaven then again as needed, they have a Torvold or Fernando then upgrade wreker, have a bit more credits to burn they targeting your Totem Hard and no one helping upgrade Chronos you get the idea.

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