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Smithereens II
Acumen IV
Side Tanks II
Shrewd Move II
Acrobat's Trick II


Life Rip III
Cauterize III
Haven III
Chronos III
Author's Notes

Ok, let me start off this guide with saying this: Pip is not meant to be played like support, or at least the main support on a team. Pip shines when he is used as a Flank/Damage champion. Why is this? His healing doesn't heal for all that much unless you run the talent that allows his main attack to also heal allies, and even then, the overall output doesn't get close to that of Seris/Jenos/Ying.

This build is focused towards the total destruction of the enemy team, focusing on the Catalyst talent you can utilize Explosive Flask to it's most optimal potential. 

Acumen 4 allows Pip to gain 40% life steal against opponents that are slowed by Explosive flask. With this card, in most situations you should be able to 1v1 most players, as long as you play it smart.

Side Tanks 3 reduces the cooldown of Explosive Flask by 1.8 seconds, bringing it's cooldown close to 6 seconds, you might want to run chronos during a match to reduce this time even further, the more slowdown you can do on an enemy, the better your chances of survival.

Smithereens 2 will grant you 2 ammo when you hit an enemy with Explosive Flask. Try to put a few hits into your opponent before throwing Explosive Flask on them, this way you can put an extra shot or two into them without the need to reload!

Acrobat's trick 3 increases your reload speed by 21%, which can be vital. You don't want to be 1v1 against someone and have to reload very often, without this card, reload can be too slow and could ultimately lead to a bad time. 

Shewd Move 3 reduces active cooldowns by 24% when you get and elimination, this can help you get out of tight spots when fighting multiple enemies, or allow you to continue your assault on them if attacking from a safe distance. 

Usually when starting a match, I will buy life rip 1 first, this helps even more in 1v1 situations by bringing his life steal to 50% , this means Pip will heal 300 HP per hit (unless the enemy has cauterize, in which case you will only have 20% life steal and will only be gaining back 120 HP per shot. Buy more items according to what you feel will be most useful in the match going forward.

Here is what I normally do, take the route that you know flanks/damage characters will take and try to take them on in a 1v1 situation. Do not fight multiple people at once unless you feel you know what you are doing, once you encounter an opponent, peg them a few times with a normal Potion launcher shot, then throw your Explosive Flask on them and peg them some more. If your HP starts to run dangerously low, throwing a Healing Potion at your feet and continue to assault the enemy. If you need to, activate Weightless and try to jump around while still attacking. Rinse and repeat the entire process until the enemy is dead.

Evil Mojo can be a saving grace and a really good way to save yourself, or your entire team. While I do not like to use it in a 1v1, sometimes it is necessary, using it against groups of enemies can grant you easy top plays and also save the hide of everybody on your team. Use it wisely. 

Don't forget, however that Pip is classified as a Support and can heal others, if you see a teammate in need, consider throwing them a Healing Potion!

Also, a simple tip for ALL paladins players. If you are in an onslaught map, the enemy team is all dead and set for respawn, and so is the rest of your team, DO NOT stay at point alone, run back to base and spend your credits and regroup with your team, you will be glad you did.

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