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Scurry I
Scoot I
Harmonious I
Cozy I
Shimmering I


Chronos II
Kill to Heal II
Haven II
Cauterize I
Author's Notes

Moji is now the least useful champion in the game! This does not mean you cannot use her! 2.1~ kdr with this disgusting, horrible champion. This guide is for the masochistic players who want to learn how to shred with a really bad champion!


Cards: Paladins Guru does not allow me to post the proper point allowances, so I will post them below.

Scurry 2

Scoot 4

Shimmering 4

Harmonious 2

Cozy 3

Substituting Harmonious 2 for Symbiotic 2 is allowed, however in testing I feel Harmonious overall plays better.

Legendary: Snack Attack- Toot has been nerfed to shit, and Moji's self-heal capacity has been reduced considerably. As such, Snack Attack has to be the used legendary, even if it does feel underwhelming. If you can get elims, you can heal (relatively consistently). 


Toot- A shell of what it used to be. Both the self-heal capacity and the useful movement speed bonus were removed, making this feel somehow weaker than Snack Attack

Yummy- Just not as useful, lacks the self heal of the first two talents. You heal on ult, but even with MB3, you aren't popping your ult enough to get good enough heal, while removing your ability to purchase Chronos/Nimble 


FIRST PURCHASE: Chronos (1-2): Extremely useful in potentiating Moji's F and Q. Without constant use of her F and Q, she becomes remarkably useless (less than she already is). While this loadout does try and maximize CDR on her two important abilities, Chronos gives it that extra umph.   

ALTERNATIVE: Nimble (1): If you feel Moji to be too slow to operate/peel with effectively, Nimble becomes an option. Be cognizant, however, that you are going to have a longer CD on your abilities, thus putting Moji out of meaningful action for longer stretches of time.

SECOND PURCHASE: Kill to Heal (1-2): Stacks with the Snack Attack. On KTH 1, you are theoretically healing for 1100 (not factoring in caut). If you feel like you are going to have large kill participation (which you should as Moji), I would purchase KTH>

Haven/Blast Shields (1-2): If your opponent lacks diversity in damage type (whether that be Direct or Blast), Haven/BS becomes a useful second purchase, perhaps more so than KTH. However, if a diversity of Blast and Direct exists, I would generally go with KTH, unless a particular champion is worrying you. (Drogoz is a champion in which purchasing BS before KTH would be seen as understandable.) 

ALTERNATIVE:  Caut (1-2): While most flanks would purchase Caut early on, I have a pretty sound rationale as to why Caut feels like a situational purcahse for Moji. Firstly, she lacks any meaningful form of continued sustain, and defensive items that potentiate her sustain allow her to effect the game (with quick burst) for longer. In addition, Moji generally does not achieve alot of chip in a full 5v5, her best play in an initial team fight is as a full flank pressuring isolated backlines. Her burst/chip best translates on tanks when your team has a numbers advantage already, which in such situations caut is not as integral. As such, Caut feels like a late game/situational buy on Moji. (Perhaps dual support setups). 

Overall, you should note that if you are looking to play a champion that is solid in all situations or rewarding, this is not the champion for you. Even the best Moji play is counterable, as she just simply is not a good champion. However, she is an undeniably fun champion to play, and with this guide I hope that I have equipped you with the tools to succeed as greatly as you can with our favorite trash rabbit! 


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