Healer Grohk Guide

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Gale IV
Electrostatic IV
Thunderlord I
Haunting II
Crackle I


Chronos III
Haven III
Kill to Heal III
Cauterize III
Author's Notes

 Hello, welcome to the Healer Grohk Guide!

Here in this guide I will discuss: Loadout/items, mechanics of this role, matchups and team comps. Now lets get started!

  1. Loadout and Items


    Here is the loadout you will use to be the most efficient healer:

Legendary: Spirits Domain

Gale 5

Electrostatic 4

Thunderlord 2

Haunting 2/3

Crackle 2/1

   Now why use this load out? it's simple, this build is min-max to be the most efficient and most consistent when it come to healing. What this build isn't design for however, is to output MAX possible healing, if you want a build like that, I'll give you a quick one (Totemic ward, Gale 5, Healing Rain 5, Haunting 3, Monolith Totem 1, Outreach 1). The reason why you want this consistent build over the other one I gave is due to practicality. Think about it for a second, "what if there is a flanker at high ground that's getting beaten while my tank is being pressured on point. What do I do?" In this situation, if you had the max heal build, you had to choose who to heal w/totem, resulting the other player dying. If you instead had my recommended build, you can plop a totem for your flanker then heal your tank at the same time, saving both of them. That is why you should run this build, because it allows you to split-heal and keep multiple players alive.

    Now, I must explain why I chose these cards and the levels they are at. Gale at 5 is a must for this build because not only will it help in spamming more totems, but it is mandatory for the current meta of the game (as the time of making this, a.k.a. Burst Meta). Electrostatic 4 takes a little to explain: you see Grohk has a unique mechanic in where if you stop firing for .5 sec, your weapon will gradually recharge itself for 100 ammo-per-1 sec. This means at 2 ammo in clip, it'll take approx 1.5 sec to recharge to max. Why is this important? Because Grohk has the longest reload in the game. If you empty your clip, you'll reload for 3 SECONDS!!! Don't put yourself in that situation. With electrostatic 4 it increases your recharge by 50% (48% if you want to be technical), meaning your weapon will recharge 100 ammo per .5 SEC. *Phew* that took a bit, but now I quickly go through the rest of the cards. Thunderlord 2 gives you 20 more ammo, Haunting 2/3 helps in decreasing your totem downtime and Crackle 2/1 also help both for your theoretical heal-per-second or HPS and decrease your totem downtime. Overall your build give you: 120 ammo w/ 1.1 sec recharge time, 6.4-7.2 totem uptime w/3.6-2.8 sec totem downtime.

    This next part is really quick and self-explanatory:

Chronos: FIRST PICK! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Try to get to at least 2 before you start investing in other items.

Kill to Heal: The only heal card you should ever get. Heal when your ally kills something is very beneficial.

Blast/Haven: Depends what your dealing with. You should never feel the need to get resil nor illum.

Caut/Wreck/Bull: Caut should be your goto, but these cards should be your last picks. PLEASE DO NOT GET DEFT HANDS!!! I WILL MURDER YOUR SECOND CHILD!!!

2. Your Role and it's Mechanics

   Next I will talk about how you should play healer Grohk. Unlike other healer champs that take little-to-no thought to healing *cough Jenos, Seris, Grover*, you have to be able to multi-task. Grohk is the only two champs that have three ways of healing, the other is Ying. You can heal with your weapon, Totem and ult, so there is no reason to not be healing something. But of course just telling you what your healing abilities are won't teach you how to use them. So I'll break down how to use each one properly:

    Weapon: This is the hardest one to use but outputs the most consistent healing. It'll be difficult to get used to shooting your allies to heal, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be doing this about 70% of the time. You should use this mostly on your tanks since it give them the most healing overtime, but don't be afraid to top off a flanker or damage on your team, in fact I encourage it. Even if they have taken one damage, heal it, it only takes .1 sec to heal 75 hp after all. But seriously, you want to get the habit of topping everyone off, because you want to charge your ult as much as possible. Now one thing I must stress: DON'T BE A HEALBOT! Here is a rule-of-thumb: if your tank is over 50% hp; help damage with'em. If the tank is below 50%; heal'em. For everyone else: above 75%; damage, below 75%; heal. Just make sure you don't run out of ammo.

    Totem: Using the totem has about three different applications: 1. heal damage/flankers when they are engaging in a fight. 2. heal allies that are disengaging. 3. double heal and ally when they are taking a lot of damage (this mostly apply to tanks that are being focused, but this can apply to anyone). I'll go in detail with those three but I first must explain how to deploy the totem. Unfortunately it can be very finicky when deploying it in certain areas. You have to visualize placing the totem in a top-down perspective, the totem can only be placed depending if there are any flat surface on the x-axis. This is why you can place the totem on some walls that have protruding geometry. So my tip when placing totems on higher altitude: aim the totem a bit above where you actually want it. This should help a little when placing totems.

   Now how to apply the totem. For the first use, you want to look for allies they are about to or are engaging in a fight. This will increase their chances of winning w/out needing to be there. For the second use, place a totem to where they are escaping as a oppose to on them. The reason for this is due to how the totem works: The totem applies a healing buff for 1 sec and every .25 sec, that buff refreshes if your in the radius, meaning escaping allies will heal for longer when running through it instead of it appearing on them. Finally the third use is quite simple, stack your healing. With your weapon healing 750/sec and totem 420/sec, they'll be healed 1170/sec. You'll be healing more than a seris for 7 SECONDS (assuming the totem doesn't get destroyed)! Remember though, don't prioritize both of your healing abilities on your tank, reserve the totem mostly on everyone else EXCEPT for emergencies.

    The final thing I need to for the totem is how-to and how-not-to place your totem. Your totem only has 1000hp, sniper shots, spitfire explosions, sha-lin arrows and many other things can one-shot it. Even if you max out its health to 2250hp, anyone can get bulldoze 2 (which cost 600) and nothing will change. What I am saying is don't be stupid on where you place it.

   Here are some examples on where to not to place it: In the middle of the point. In front of your tank. In front of the enemy. Behind the enemy. In the middle of the doorway. On the payload cart (It doesn't move like Bariks turrets). Inside or on Hazards/Cliffs/Destructible Objects (i.e. Inaras wall or temporary platforms). And finally, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS, NOT IN THE STEALTH GRASS (but no seriously, I know it's called stealth grass but it doesn't work that way. The grass will not hide the totems radius or it's sfx. Just please, save yourself from the embarrassment and don't do this) ( you get props for those who know what I'm talking about)!

   Now here are some examples how to properly place your totem: Behind your tank. Behind or inside shields. Behind allies. Behind yourself. Behind geometry and walls. On the CORNER of a doorway. Away from the enemy. Behind or the side of the payload cart. Away from line-of-sight. In the middle or the bottom of stairs and slopes. And in-between obstacles.

    There are some things I may not have mentioned but this should give you a good basis on how to place your totem. One final advice is this: In worst-case-scenario, place the totem and stand in front of it. Not only will you be a shield to it but it will also heal you at the same time, making a symbiotic relationship that will keep you alive a little bit longer.

    Ultimate: The ultimate is very versatile on what it can do, it is the most flexible ult in the game, so there are many ways you can use this. To keep it simple, I'll keep it to three applications: 1. snowballing/regain control. 2. Assisting and saving allies. 3. Repositioning. For one, you want to use when your team is at an advantage, this maybe hard to understand for new players but what this basically means is to make a fight that's in your favor, to OMG THEY CAN'T BEAT US! You can also use this ult to get your team back into the fight and put it in even ground if your team is losing a fight. With the second, you can easily safe and/or assist your ally in securing a kill. Since you heal two allies 500hp per .5 sec or 1000hp-a-second on the same allies, you can save an ally in a pinch. You can even stack the totem with the ult to maximize your healing on allies. The final third use is the ability to quickly traverse maps. You can fly...do I need to say more?

3. Team Comps and Matchups

   Finally we will discuss SOME matchups and team comps. There is no way I or anyone would want an in-depth analysis on each and every possible team comp and matchup. So I'm going to lump things together to give the general gist, the rest you'll have to figure out on your own.

Team Comps:

   1. 2 tank, 2 damage/flanker: This comp screams Healer Grohk. Yes this comp can work with Grohk, but expect high demand from your tanks, your damages are going to have help themselves most of the time, since you'll be preoccupied healing them. This means you'll need to be extra aware of flankers cause they will hard target you. Stay with your tanks and they SHOULD keep you safe, if they don't, give them hell. Going against this comp generally means you just have to be aware that everyone wants you dead, including the enemy tanks. Also try to target their healer whenever possible Keep that in mind.

    2. 2 tank 2 healer: Assuming that you are the main healer in this comp, this means that you'll have an easier time healing. However this adds two new things to be concerned of: your other healer and caut. It'll be extra important that you keep each other alive, sometimes it's OK to let an ally die for the sake of your healer. Your comp will be very strong early-game, but will fall off late-game. I'd suggest your tanks to have damage builds to mitigate this issue. Going against this comp is pretty simple, just stack caut and focus their healers. The comp will fall apart if the healers die, but try to focus the main healer first.

    3. 3 damage/flanker: This is the worst comp for healer Grohk. The reason is that though you do have split healing, you are not a Pip or Furia. Having 2 tanks or just another healer would be ideal because your greatest asset is your consistant heals. A comp like this works best with someone who can burst heal, try your best to make your team reconsider their picks, otherwise just change to something else. Going against a comp like this is tricky. Surviving as Healer Grohk will greatly depend on how well your tanks can protect you. If you must, frag the damages first, then worry with your usual tasks.

    4. 2 healer 2 damage/flanker: This comp is not ideal, but it can work (again assuming your the main healer) if you focus on aggro. Unlike the other comps, this one has a high probability to snowball. However, if you lose steam or anything to break the flow, your comp will get destroyed. It is highly dependent on your teams competence and a little luck. Fighting this comp will mostly involve killing off the sub-healer aiding the assault. Chances are that the main healer and tank will sit on point while the offensive force tries to take you out, leave the point sitters alone and kill the assault team. If you do not, then they will run you over.


    Tanks: Your best matchups would be Barik and Inara. Not only can they not deal enough damage to threaten you, but also they setup deployables in which can work in your favor with shock pulse. Your worst matchups would be Terminus and Ash. Terminus can straight up bully you, as well as Ash, however Term can run through your totem while attacking you and Ash can destroy your totem with her AOE and can single you out with her knock back, but if you run Totemic Ward then you counter her. Funny on how that works.

    Supports: Your best matchups are Ying and Grover. Ying feeds shock pulses while Grover can't kill your totem easily. Your worst matchup would be Pip. Not only is he a blast champion and can chase you, but he is the few champs that bypasses your cc legendary with his ult. By far your hardest counter if he goes damage Pip.

    Damage: Your best matchups would be Vivian, Viktor. Vivian if the only champ who gets weaker against Grohk when they ult. This is because Vivians drones can be bounced into her, destroying both the drones and damaging her. Viktor simply doesn't have enough burst to pose a threat in most cases and you can beat him in a firefight if your using your totem. Your worst matchup is all the blasters and Lian. Blasters can easily shutdown your totem, Willo specifically can mute your healing and Lian with Death & Taxes cripples your healing.

    Flankers: Your best matchups are Lex, Zhin and Skye. Lex doesn't deal enough burst damage to take you down and you can outlast him in a one v.s one. Zhin needs to hit his combo attacks to kill you, dodge his attacks and you'll outlast him, also you counter his ult with your cc legendary. Skye isn't a threat as long as you dodge and/or cleanse the poison. Your worst matchups are Evie, Maeve and Buck. Evie and Maeve share the same thing in where they can deal a lot of damage and be very hard to hit and escape from. Buck (depending on his loadout) can either burst you very quickly or outlast you, running away is the best option once he uses his leap.

    These matchups are not set-in-stone since balance patches are a thing and I didn't cover any of the fine details on most of these. You will learn through playing on how to successfully asses these situations and once you do, you'll be practically untouchable. In recap, don't be too close to the tanks, keep an eye out for the flankers, don't expose yourself to the damages and challenge the healers.

    And that concludes my Healer Grohk Guide!

Authors Notes:

   I know this was extremely long and your head is probably spinning from all the information I gave. And to think, I didn't talk about Flank, Damage or Tank Grohk, as well as the many variations of these roles. Of course a lot of these tips translate to the other Grohk archetypes, but for those who've read through all this to the end, I give you my utmost respect. I'll be honest, I was reluctant to give out my secrets to this champ or even give any advice, partially is because I didn't think I had enough authority and authenticity talking about Grohk in this manor. The other reason is because I noticed the recent influx of Grohks in casuals and I personally felt a bit threatened, but that's my pride speaking for playing him for so long. I've seen Grohk from his highs and lows, right now Grohk has never been in a better state before. I have played him when he didn't have flight, ramp-up damage, ranged totems or any of that. I've played him when he had 2700hp at base, can only place his totem at his feet, can't heal with his weapon and only had three legendarys! I've played him even when he was at his worst, having his hp reduced to 2200, some of his loadout cards being nerfed, had a fourth legendary that gave a shield to full health allies and deployed at half of the range back then and had nothing to remedy these losses. Yeah, I still played him when he was in fact the worst champion in the game, even worse than Moji (at the time Moji was overpowered). Even after all the hell I and my blue boy have endured, I still stuck with him, I still struggled on proving Grohk was a great character. He was one of the original cast, he has went through so many revisions, even went through a visual rework. I even had to deal with all the negative comments that people had with Grohk, with a bunch of forums bashing how bad he is and how worthless he was. Somehow, this blue bastard has connected to me in a way. At times I identified with him (and no I don't identify as an orc), he was like an extension of me, you could say I am obsessed with him. I would agree with you thinking that, at many times, through all of Hi-Rez's shady practices and bullshit, Grohk was the only reason I kept playing this game. But don't we all have a character in whatever form of media that you have a personal connection with? I guess all I'm saying is that I wanted to do Grohk justice, to give him what he truly deserves, and if it even means me hanging up my title as being "The Lightning Orc", then I'll gladly do so.  Thank you very much for those who have read this note!



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