Running Wild

Last updated 1 year ago


Incensed III
Tracker II
Primal Might IV
Hunting Season II
Trail Blazer I


Nimble I
Kill to Heal I
Cauterize I
Haven I
Author's Notes

This build is designed to compensate for Tyra's lack of mobility by making use of her abilities to buff her travel speed. It's very offensively oriented so it requires you to regularly rack up kills in order to keep moving. Hunting Season is there to give you a health boost to mitigate the health loss from the constant fighting, which you'll be able to make use of very often thanks to Primal Might's very generous cooldown mitigation going in tandem with Tyra's destructive capacity.  Trail Blazer is there to keep your speed from getting neutered too badly against champions making use of slows.

Nimble is typically my first card pick as Tyra greatly benefits from the added mobility and Chronos/Morale Boost have a negligible impact on playing this build. Kill to Heal compliments Hunting Season as far as health regen is concerned, but one can opt for Rejuvenation if your healer reliably heals. Cauterize is the ideal Attack item since you don't want your opponent's healing to stop you from racking up kills - Wrecker has some use but often your Fire Bomb bypasses a front line's shield anyway. Lastly, your Defense item can be whatever best counters your opponent's attacks. Buff your items to fit the needs of your team.

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