Objective Holder

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Nanotechnology IV
Countermeasure I
Warden II
Heat Diffuser IV
Crystal Capacitor I


Haven III
Chronos I
Wrecker I
Life Rip I
Author's Notes

This build basically allows you to sit on the objective and hold it while going toe to toe with the entire enemy team, as long as you have the support of your team's healer. If you do not have your team's healer healing you, you can perhaps last a  good five seconds on the point if you're going against a strong enemy team, but the build really shines when you have that support.

The item section is more of a guideline than anything. Look at the enemy team's composition and what items they bought, and build to counter. For example, if they have a lot of heavy damage dealers, choose Haven. If they have a lot of shielded tanks, choose Wrecker as your first item. Chronos is useful because it reduces the cooldown on your Emitter and Repulsor Field, and thus increases your survivability. Life Rip is useful because this build is also damage-heavy, and so you can use the damage you're dishing out to also increase your survivability. Consider Rejuvenate when you can't hit shots on the enemy easily but have a good team healer. Consider Cauterize when the enemy team is being healed too much, etc.


-Stay on the objective. Using your Emitter will heal you, and you can only use the Emitter when you're on the objective, so do not run circles around it. Step on it and hold there for as long as you can.

-Tell your team's tanks and heavy damage dealers to stay near you on the objective. They will also benefit from your Emitter's shielding.

-Use your Emitter and Repulsor as often as possible when under heavy attack.

-This build is also very damage-heavy, so don't rely on your team's damage dealers to get rid of enemy threats for you. Charge in there and do it yourself.

-Use Advance to stay mobile. Dodge hard-hitting attacks and ultimates, charge behind Fernando's and Barick's shields, and generally make it that much harder for the enemy to hit you. The more damage you can avoid, the more health you'll have left over for soaking up what you can't avoid.

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