The 3 In 1 Mal'damba Loadout

Last updated 1 year ago


Snake Pit IV
Swift Spirits III
Ritual Magic II
Otherwordly II
Liminal Passage I


Cauterize III
Haven III
Chronos III
Life Rip III
Author's Notes

Loadout : The 3 in 1 Mal'damba Loadout is a Mal'damba loadout which will increase your damage, buffing you and your teammates, and help improve your escapes. Snake Pit (the card) allows you to put out more damage and also helps you with stunning your foes. Swift Spirits & Ritual Magic will help buff you and your teammates, giving more heals and movespeed through mending spirits. Otherwordly & Liminal Passage allow you to gain more movespeed and to travel further with slither. Overall this loadout has a little bit of everything, giving you the best of all worlds.

Items :  The items you can pick on Mal'damba I feel are very dependant on your opponets champions. In the beggining I recommend picking up either Haven or Cauterize if you chose Cauterize then I'd usually max that out if they have 2 supports. If they have 1 support I'll usually then grab Haven one. Then max out Chronos, afterwards maxing Haven. If you started with Haven, I'd usually then go for Chronos, maxing that out. Afterwards, the choices are all up to you. I normally like to build HavenChronos, Cauterize Life Rip, maxing first whatever I feel is necessary. However, I do want to note that you can feel free to build whatever you want when it comes to Items as these are just my preferences, that best help me.

Overall : In the end, this build has been the best for me. At the time of publishing this, I've played 10 comp games winning 9 out of the 10. This build has also helped me climb to being only 100 elo below top 100 Mal'damba. I'd recommend this build to anyone trying to get start out with Mal'damba or even anyone trying to climb with him. If you have enjoyed this guide, please make sure to rate it up. GL & HF!

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