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Guile I
Side Tanks IV
Reload IV
Gift Giver I
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Chronos III
Morale Boost III
Wrecker III
Cauterize III
Author's Notes

Hello, comrade

You like playing as Pip? The Lombax? Well Joke aside..

So, your teammates suddenly chose Ying/Mal'Damba/Grover/Grohk and you're afraid you need to be a damager to balance the team out? No need, use this build and play as Pip.
Or maybe, your teammates leave the role of Support to you, and you alone, but you're afraid your Side Tanks/Damage Pip loadout is bad for this situation? Well worry no more, use this build, it's a build built to heal. (And you can still kill their slowed asses, HEY!)

This build is probably not for you if you're the kind of person who chose to have many types of loadouts to be used according to each match situation. Also it is certainly arguable that this is not the best build, but hey, trust me: It's a fun build, and Pip is all about the fun. If you're someone like me, if you just like to heal people and kill people at the same time, then this build is for you! You don't need to worry about switching your loadouts/builds each time you play a comp./casual match. Just use this "Communist Pip" build instead, and ofc, play seriously. Pip is the jack-of-all-trades. He can be anything.



Instantly reduce potion's cooldown by 2 seconds for each teammates healed? Hell Yes. No, seriously. Why would you even play Pip if you do not intend to heal your tanks and possibly any damager friends you see with low health? This card is the core of the build. You heal. Yes, you! The Supporting Pip. So potion throw has like, 8 seconds cooldown. You heal 3 people at the same time? That's reduced 6 seconds cooldown, just 2 seconds away to heal your tank again. You heal 4 people at the same time? That's 8 seconds cooldown. Dude, you can heal again instantly. The negative is, the card has some kind of cooldown in and of itself. You can't just spam heal non-stop just because you heal 4 people in a circle over and over.


Did I say that RELOAD was the core card? Hah! I was joking, comrade! THIS is the core card of the build.  Reduce Explosive Flask's cooldown by 4 seconds. This is probably the best card Pip could ever had. You kill. No, no. You don't just kill. You make fun of them. Pip has damage bonus for the first hit (left-click) right after you slowed them down with Explosive Flask, so the more Explosive Flask you throw at them, the more you kill. Aim for their healers, their flanks. Their damagers? You can kill them one-on-one. At low health, you can heal yourself (sorry tank) but hey! It's better than dying. The damn skill has 50% slow effect on it. So what are you waiting for?


Reduce the cooldown of Weightless (F) by 2 seconds. Sometimes, well sometimes even heroes need to know retreat. Can you kill or heal anyone if you drop dead and now stuck staring at your screen angrily waiting for your respawn time? "Dude, that guy can't play Skye like, wtf is this team?" No. This is so wrong. You should've been there and help that Skye. I mean, you're Pip, and Pip can't die that easily. So jump. Jump and run away, possibly land behind that huge ass payload. Or maybe that fat Bomb King behind? Whatever just jump back and stay alive. Use Weightless in combat as well, your enemies will have a harder time aiming for jumping Pips, then they will choose to give up and retreat (dead), or aim that FAT BOMB KING instead. So, I've played without this card before, then I got my health low, I pressed F. Nothing happened! I stared angrily at the skill bar and HO! it's still 2 seconds left!


Hey! Low health! Time to jump away. But hey, look at that short Barik! He has like a 100 health left, and no one would shoot him! (stupid team! remember always blame friends) I need to kill him! B-but! I don't have much health myself, and after taking that Weightless jump, I still have to wait for Pip to 'leave battle' and self-regenerate because I already throw my potion (of course) to the ENEMY! I mean, my tank. So this is where the card plays. You are Pip, you're a busy man. You can't find yourself idle and waiting for your self-regeneration. With this card you gain 30% of Potion's effect if you hit a teammate but not yourself. Hey! Pip can be Batman too. You go throw that potion to Makoa (and not yourself) because you will gain 30% from 1000 heals anyway. Now that you have some health and regain your dignity, you can return to the battlefield and shoot that low-health Barik.


Now that you only have 4 seconds cooldown for Explosive Flask, you must be busy shooting them with this orange-slowing flask THAT you forget to reload! (what a noob). Well worry no more! With this card you generate one extra ammo when Explosive Flask hit an enemy. You essentially don't need to reload for that bonus damage after-slow-thing. If you're making a mistake and forgot to reload before right-clicking, you have one extra ammo so that it doesn't go to waste. This is also good after EVIL MOJO. You make them be chickens, then you slow those clucking yellow asses, and you have one extra ammo to send them dead (then they would stare at their screen angrily waiting for their respawn time, and probably wondering how funny chickens are). Good for damage bursting too! But yeah you HAVE TO hit them, damn get good a little. This one is optional for me, change it as you like.

That's all I have for the cards. Overall you'll heal people, while still dealing TONS of damage because you're Pip (a communist Pip at that). Just throw that potion to your tank and jump back, you'll heal. The thing is, don't move too far away from your objective, except if you do have another Support on your team. When you use this build and lost, well blame your team! It's not my fault (oh no, does it look like I'm insulting communism?).


If you're the only healer, I suggest Chronos, maxed. you'll heal even more. If you like EVIL MOJO so much, buy Morale Boost. Hey, with that 6000 health Fernando turned into chicken, the battle is in your hands.

You know the drill, you deal high damage. Probably Wrecker is not good for Pip, arguable. But killing those tanks are more important than those squishies.
Or maybe you met an annoying Ying. You can help your damagers killing their tank with Cauterize.

That's all I have friend, if you do like this Build, please use it and tell me how is it faring to your matches. Don't forget the upvotes if it worked well.
I will always try to update this Build. Also, if you'd like to have a fellow Pip player in your friend list, add me. I'm BakaChikaSquad in Paladins.

See you out there in the Realm, comrades.

"Explosives.. Check! Dashing good looks.. Check!
and World-renown skills.. CHECK!"

-The Fire Thief

BakaChikaSquad.. anyone got the reference? Uh probably not.
Also, for fanart drawers/painters I want Pip-controlling Bolt (Ruckus's bot) fanart!

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