Shield Counter Drogoz

Last updated 1 year ago


Spitfire IV
Masterful II
Rain of Fire II
Decimate III
W.Y.R.M. Jets I


Wrecker III
Morale Boost II
Haven III
Life Rip III
Author's Notes

1. Spam Salvo onto shields. Wrecker and Decimate help that usage a lot.

2. Masterful is there so you clear the point when enemy shields are down.

3. Rain of Fire helps you stay alive longer if you get in sticky situations or give you more control while in the air, Wyrm Jets is just a random card. 

4. Punch more with Morable Boost charging your ultimate faster. 

5. Haven grants so much survivability, Wrecker obviously wreckes shields and Life Rip gives you nice sustain

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