Flank-Nando (Paladins Epsorts)

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Incinerate IV
Hot Pursuit III
Running Start III
Heat Transfer I
Launch I


Veteran I
Haven I
Chronos I
Cauterize I
Author's Notes

Yes this is legit. It's actually used in the competitive scene a lot (Paladins Esports)

You don't use nando to babysit on point. You go after the isolated enemies and hunt them down.

Fireball with a low CD, Movement Speed after charge and CD reduction on absorbing damage with the shield. What's not to like?

Your first item has to be VETERAN (The point is you burst the enemy down and then retreat until your health goes up, rinse and repeat)

Then you get have and chronos (1 or 2). Lastly you pick cauterize (but you will rarely need to)

So note that this may NOT work so well in pubs because you will rarely be on point. Because you are classified as a "tank", people don't expect you to be such an effective flanker. 

For more indepth guides written by the pros themselves, Head on over to www.PaladinsWorld.com

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