The Revenant

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Abyss Walker IV
Seething Hatred II
Power of the Abyss IV
Buying Time I
Sleight of Hand I


Deft Hands III
Haven III
Veteran III
Morale Boost III


Abyss Walker III
Quick Draw IV
Seething Hatred II
Sleight of Hand I
Power of the Abyss II


Deft Hands III
Haven III
Life Rip III
Morale Boost III
Author's Notes

Hello guys !

Wolfman here with the 2nd guide, this time for The Godslayer. This guide will cover up 2 build types.

Androxus is currently best flanker in the game. You will often find him at the top of champions tier list. All of that comes from his skills kit and his ability to outplay enemies. 

Champion skill lvl - Hard

Build 1 - Standard

I call this build a standard one because you actually can't create better or more effective build for Androxus. Don't get me wrong, we all have our playstyle so not everyone will like this build, but this is the most effective at the time with this meta.

1. Every card in this build is connected and you have a couple of combos:

- Shooting lowers the Reversal cooldown by 1s (Seething Hatred).

- Using Neather step heals you and gives you 3 ammo for every dash (Abyss Walker + Sleight of Hand).

- Using Reversal is giving you 3 ammo + if you hit the target with Reversal you got insta reset cooldown on Neather step (Power of Abyss + Buying Time).


1. Deft Hands - Androxus is best flanker no doubt on that, but even with really good skill lvl on him it will be many situations where you will survive with low hp. DH will help you in 2 vs 1 situations, will give you some extra shots. Like when you kill the target and need to escape that extra shots could help. Also the more shots you hit the more you can low the cooldown on Reversal. This is not the must have item for him.

2. Heaven/Blast Shields - This item is pretty strong right now, you can start with this item so you can have little sustain boost at the first flanks. My advice is to pick this item when you want to flank a champion which deals direct dmg. On the other hand pick Blast Shields if you want to flank champions with AoE spells like: Evie, Drogoz, Pip, BK but have in mind that you can go for the Haven and fight some of these champions from the air so they won't be able to deal AoE on you that easy.

3. Veteran / Kill to Heal - I wrote you will often find yourself in situations when you win the duel but manage to survive with low hp or maybe had to back off and retreat. For this, Veteran can pretty much help you. You go out get your hp back fast and get back into the fight which makes you even more deadly. Veteran is a better option but you can go for Kill to Heal also if yu are confident that you will get that kills and if you want to stay and fight with less retreating. 

4. Morale boost - You all know that this name The Godslayer is not just the name. Androxus have the strongest ultimate in the game. Every champion with really good ultimate have option to go for Morale boost which will be useful in many situations. I would recomend to take this item, it will boost your dmg output with also chanse to deal good AoE dmg. 

Build 2 - Django

Still working on this guide ...

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