Permaslow Pip aka Buck2.0

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Acumen II
Side Tanks IV
Graviton IV
Sturdy I
Sprint I


Chronos I
Life Rip I
Author's Notes

Hi, I'm dialer. I've got long roots in competitive first person shooters. I come from a fast-paced shooter background... Quake & Wolfenstein are my bread and butter. I recently picked up Paladins and Pip's one of my favourites. I proudly present you with the build that I found most success with.

Side Tanks IV - This halves your Explosive Flask cooldown... literally halves it from 8 to 4 seconds!
Graviton IV - Bumps duration of the slow from 2.5s up to 3.5s, this combined with Chronos I leaves only a 0.1s window of enemies not being slowed...
Acumen II - Free 20% lifesteal on slowed targets, and since every single one of your targets is slowed, you basically get 1200 gold worth of items for 2 points.
Sturdy I - Too good to miss out on...
Sprint I - Mobility is key to playing Pip

As for the items - you should build accordingly to the enemy composition, however you don't want to miss out on that Chronos for the permanent slow :)

This loadout turns the typical support/heal oriented Pip into a v2.0 Buck that does exactly what Buck does, but better.
Your slow is AoE, your heal is AoE, You gain lifesteal just like Buck does with his Q, your autos deal splash damage and you're just as mobile thanks to weightless.

Enjoy it while it lasts boys... have fun and post your feedback :)

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