Master+ Skye Build

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Decrepify IV
Poisoner III
Emergency Exit I
Cloak I
Victory Rush III


Chronos I
Nimble I
Resilience I
Life Rip I
Author's Notes

This build works at diamond+ and has worked smoothly against GM level duos and regular master level players. I use it frequently on multiple alt accounts. The only game I lost in competitive recently with Skye was because of a nasty bug that blurred my screen. This build is incredibly strong because of how decrepify and debilitate work in tandem when it comes to cleaning up a backline with ease and being able to move from target to target. Items are based on the current game you're in.

What's so special about Decrepify?

Decrepify is a no bullshit type of card alright? There's no longer a need to buy caut anymore. 80% every 3 seconds is all you need.  You're now free to buy anything you want. Chronos is probably the best card since her stealth CD is increidbly long, and you need it up as much as possible, this also reduces your poison bolt CD by a little bit more, making you able to get from target to target quickly. If there is ANY form of consistent strong CC such as poppy bomb, grumpy bomb, silence, buy and max resilience as quickly as possible.  Skye has no "oh shit" abilities. If you get CCd you're fucked. buy it. Nimble is also a good yellow card if you're confident in your RMB and stealth management.

Emergency Exit

One of her best cards at level 1. Early game this lets you get out of a sticky situation. Falls off due to illuminate, but has it's uses especially at long rages if you take any poke damage and almost die. If you're around half HP, play around corners so when emergency exit activates you can sneak out. Be aware that you have this and plan for it . A lot of people forget they even have a card and end up feeding when they could've used EE to disengage.

Victory Rush 3? Why?

This is an amazing card that lets you chain kills and makes you incredibly annoying to track if you aren't predictable with your strafes. It's also good for cleaning up any targets that've been chipped by your DPS or a tank in the midst of chaos so you can run away without having to burn your stealth. It makes playing Skye very safe.

What legendary card am I using for this?

Imo suprise attack and prep are for bitch boys.This build is for cleaning clowns up before they can react. With suprise attack you're FORCED to burn your stealth to get any massive damage off. With debilitate you can spam poison bolts every few seconds and that extra speed on the poison is insanely fast, giving you scary burst DPS. That combined with the nearly level 3 caut decrep gives you makes it very hard to do anything against you. Note: While I said said surprise attack was for bitch boys, it's actually a pretty good card. It's pretty much preference. Prep is kinda trash though honestly.

How to play with this?

Find opportunities to abuse your insane burst DPS and early game cauterize. Don't just throw yourself at the enemy carry and tunnel them, that's fucking stupid. Be patient and wait for someone to take chip damage, capitalize on that and burst them when they are out of their healer's line of sight. Search for enemies that are trying to get out of combat.  Make sure you always plan attacks before acting them out or you WILL die. In higher levels Skye gets punished fairly easily and after she fucks up it will be incredibly hard for her to get out.


Mal Damba is a good healer but it's very easy to catch and kill him. If you're going to kill him do NOT use your poison bolts first. He will almost always burn his slither the moment he takes damage from you in fear of your burst. LMB him a few times (3 pref, it will make him think you hit him with poison bolts) to bait his slither, then use your poison bolts to punish and kill him. Please note that Damba and the rest of the supports are beefier than the average hero. Sometimes it's not the best idea to tunnel them, especially if they run to a tank. If  a support runs to a tank, back off. Tanks are your hard counter. Also, be sure you play corners while fighting him if he went deft hands. A stun will kill a Skye.


Is very slippery, I honestly recommend getting resil before bothering him. He has DR, and can grip you fairly easily, leaving you stuck while he runs away. I suggest telling your DPS to chip him a bit so you can clean him up. It's better to not let him react to anything you do. Jenos has a lot of tools for dealing with flankers. He will almost always have a reveal card too, so just stay away from him until you have resil and try to catch him off guard so he isn't able to run away.

Do not

Attempt to box any tanks unless they're severely low on HP and can be cleaned up. Tanks hard counter Skye as they are built to be close range bruisers that have too much HP for you to deal with. Since Skye has no mobility she can't outplay them as if she were a Tracer dueling a Hog or a Rein. She just doesn't work like that.

BK is a monster.

Stay away from him at all costs until he has been poked a bit and you have resil. This also goes for Sha Lin.

Sha Lin

Hard counters you. If there is no BK, buy illuminate and bait his desert shadow before attempting to box him. Sorry these 2 are just incredibly strong so there isn't much you can do against them.


He is decent and gets picked SOMETIMES in diamond+. But not that often. If you want to avoid Lex completely, pick Skye later in the draft since he's a hard counter. However if there IS a Lex hunting for you, what you can do is bait him hard. Him being able to see you through walls gives him confidence to the point he will probably end up tunneling you. If you are revealed to Lex play close to a healer or a carry, or play around corners.

Field Study Torvald

Hard counters flanks, especially Skye. Buy wrecker and this isn't a problem. You have no need for caut, so this is fine.

That's about it for this guide, good luck in competitive. cya

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