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Revitalize III
Eternal I
Transient II
Evanescent IV
Primeval Might II


Cauterize III
Haven III
Nimble III
Kill to Heal III
Author's Notes

Currently the #1 Talus on the champion leaderboards (7/10/18)

The "get back in there" build so Talus can continue pressuring after tp'ing back to rune.

Revitalize IV - Heals for 400 hp ontop of the base 500, allows to you pretty much get near all your hp back depending on how early you TP'ed back from Rune.

Evanecent IV - 40% movement speed increase when Rune of Travel is active, used to reach into their backline so much faster to get the most out of Rune's short duration.

Primeval Might II - 16% lifesteal on all attacks, instead of kill to heal you could also get life rip to strengthen the life rip value, I just prefer kill to heal.

Eternal I - No other good card to keep at level 1, so you might as well increase the duration of Rune for a good second.

Transient III  - Helps with Rune's long CD, without Rune you have to play really cautious so the faster this comes off CD the better.

Items are in order, the usual game for me goes caut 2 -> haven/blast 1 -> caut 3 -> haven 2 -> nimble 2 -> KtH 2

*I'll double check this build in a sec, not sure if all the numbers add up to 15.

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