Tank Ripper Skye

Last updated 8 months ago


Cloak I
Quick Smoker III
Poisoner IV
Dissipate I
Confound III


Cauterize III
Life Rip III
Morale Boost III
Haven III
Author's Notes

Since the game has been released, card decks now have 15 points, not 12!!!

You would get a deck like this:

Cloak 1, Quick Smoker 4, Poisoner 5, Dissipate 1, Confound 4 - - - - - Talent: Smoke and Daggers

This deck allows you to destroy any sort of character close up or by range. This gives you an advantage forcing enemies to buy Illuminate when it's not necessary. I have test it more than 100 matches, atleast 90% I got more than double kills than my deaths (21/9/- for example)

Items wise, depends on the champs you play against and what mode it is. If you play Siege it's the best to start off if they have a healer or not. If they do, get Caut 3 ASAP. after that it also depends on map, enemies and playstyle. My personal experience is to get life rip to heal during a battle. Kill To Heal is also very good on this, but you need to make sure you can kill your target. Further than that, Haven or Blast Shields are best options from the Defensive Side, Nimble or Morale Boost are the best from the Utility side (Chronos only works for about 1 sec, so I would not waste it)

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