My Moji Loadout.

Last updated 8 months ago


Scurry I
Peppy I
Cozy I
Symbiotic I
Harmonious I


Chronos III
Kill to Heal II
Cauterize III
Haven I
Author's Notes

This is my Moji build. It's not the best out there, but it's what I've had for a long time and it works for me.

Keep in mind that the Defense & Attack Items change depending on who you're up against.

Cauterize (III). It's the main go-to Attack Item that I go with when there is a healer in the enemy team.

Wrecker (II). It's best to use this when there is no healer in the enemy team, but only a tank instead.

If the enemy team has no tank or healer then don't bother getting any Attack Items. Focus on the other Items. Or if you're picky then you can use Cauterize regardless.

Haven (II). Now I never really experimented with the other Defense Items, so this is the main one I go to. I'll try to update this part soon

Now for the Utility & Healing Items

Chronos (III). It's a main go-to Item that I pick in any match. You can go Moral boost or Nimble but like I said, this is what works best for me.

Kill to Heal (III). It's another go-to Item that I pick in any match. I find this better than the rest because the cards I use has no need for Life Rip.


Now for the cards

Scurry 4. I haven't experimented with this card very much, but it will be very handy when you need to get out of bad situations.

Peppy 2. This card is mainly useful to reduce the cool down for Magic Barrier.

Cozy 4 & Harmonious 4. Now get ready for a long paragraph essay on why Magic Barrier is your friend.

Magic Barrier is VERY useful for Moji. With the Cozy card and the Harmonious card combined, Magic Barrier is your personal Healer. It's best to use said barrier when you're low health and facing a very tough situation. Now don't take that as you can be all ballsy with the barrier. It won't save you all the time. Using the barrier then turning and using Scamper will benefit you a lot. The point here is that don't be afraid to be afraid. Run and use barrier if you have too.

Symbiotic 1. This is just good for a little bit of extra heals.

So as for how to play Moji, it's simple. Just keep using Familiar Spray (Right Mouse Button) till the star on the player you're targeting is full, then hit them with the Familiar Spit (Left Mouse Button). When low health use Magic Barrier then continue, OR if you need too, use scamper. 

For the Ult, it's best to use it on the tank or heals, and if there is no tank or heals, simply just use it when you find the best timing.

And for the love of god, don't use the ult when they're around the payload. It's so easy to juke Moji by simply running around the payload.

That's about it guys, hope this is helpful in some way!

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