2014 Pip

Last updated 7 months ago


Shrewd Move III
Escape Artist I
Acrobat's Trick III
Gift Giver II
From Above III


Cauterize III
Nimble III
Kill to Heal III
Blast Shields III
Author's Notes

G'day yall, My name is Young-chief-888. And for a low level like me. I'm actually the Best Play station 4 - Australian pip. I'm known and top rank thanks to my pip. 14th best pip S1  and 7th best pip S2. And i hope you have a wonderful day my friends, Today i'm presenting my professional build guide today. This loadout is a highly-Professional build that i've used in many of my casual plays . And is really useful. The power of why it is really well o the battlefield is because of the way it changes your skill. with the power of easy jumps. and the power of healing your mates while flanking. this loadoout really shows that pip isn't just  a support. hes a flanker. 

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