Fernando Easy Diamond Rank build

Last updated 1 year ago


Last Stand IV
Safe Travel IV
Towering Barrier II
Dire Need I
Heat Transfer I


Haven III
Cauterize III
Master Riding III
Rejuvenate III
Author's Notes

The loadout build gives you good sustain and a good hold to the point for the team. Fight first burn the enemy that try to contest the point pop your shield one's your health become's 30-40% then your health will give you a sustain until 50%. Fight use charge it will give you a shield for sustain with this build until you  can pop your shield again.

The items literally says it all. Why master riding? It's always good for a core tank to be the first one to stand on point and If you die you can immediately go back to the fight without any problems but I prefer you maxed out haven or blast shield depending on enemy team attack projectiles composition then put a point into cauterize. Rejuvinate helps alot specially if your team have a good healer that sticks with main tanks. Well that's all!! thank me later ^_^

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