Ying - Highest Healing Output

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Tangible IV
Squadron IV
Spring Bloom II
Carry On I
Rewind I


Haven III
Chronos II
Bulldozer I
Cauterize I
Author's Notes

Ying's healing is ridiculous, but it's only ridiculous if you stay alive.

Tangible IV - gives 200 HP which allows more utility out of the illusions. Illusions heal the people with lowest % HP, increasing your max HP means there is more chance for the illusions to heal other champions which might not have an OP movement/escape ability

Squadron IV - keeps your illusions alive, keeping your healing up. also forces them to spend credits to buy Bulldozer if they recognize how OP

Spring Bloom II - if people are smart enough to attack your illusions (which usually they won't), this will allow you quickly replace the Illusion lost

Carry On I - 3 seconds is A LOT of time for just a level 1 card. Illusions have a cooldown of 5 seconds, this allows them to stay on the field for 3 seconds.

Rewind I - allows a quick summoning of an Illusion, but this is mainly just a burn card

Ying spam Illusions off cooldown. You only Shatter if your team does not need healing. Ying is best as healer, not DPS.

Shatter is however, good for chasing down opponents, in 1v1 situations, and for spotting where your opponents are coming from because (though not perfect) the Illusions have a pathfinding behavior that runs towards enemies when they are behind walls.

Use Dimensional Link and constantly teleport around during the duration that Dimensional Link is active, don't just teleport once -> allows you to quickly spawn illusions if they die + you keep the enemies circling to find the real you

You use your ULT when you just placed down your first illusion (causing Illusion to be on Cooldown) and your team is still takign too much dmg. ULT is a supplement to your Illusion healing, its not strong enough on its own unless everyone is grouped up.

Order of preference of frontline supplement:

Fernando - shield is strong + you can stay behind it while moving, also has a card that gives you personal shield you whenever Fernando shields

Makoa / Barik - Makoa's shield more squishy, but its still something you can hide under, Makoa's hook brings people in for the easy damage/bonus dmg of your mirror + the Illusions blowing up; Barik has a stationary shield which you can hide behind but if you are flanked, it cannot be repositioned like the Fernando shield + turrets help make take burden of healing off you entirely (warning Barik + Ying both have deployables, making Bulldozer very effective)

Ruckus - no real shield to protect you, just a 50% reduction, most Ruckus I've played with greed for kills and end up dying due to Ruckus's design as an offensive tank, so difficult to coordinate


Haven max out if possible, keep you alive

Chronos if you're ahead, this isn't super necessary as the only real benefit would be Dimensional Link cooldown reduction. Illusions already 5 second cooldown which is not that much compared to other heals like Grohk totem

Bulldozer/Cauterize situational based and what the other team has

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