Reliable Buck build

Last updated 1 year ago


Giga Siphon III
Leg Day II
Seismic Wave III
Speed Loader II
Vigor II


Deft Hands II
Life Rip II
Morale Boost III
Haven I
Author's Notes

This build is pretty reliable and can work well with most buck players.

Giga siphon 3: 30% lifesteal is pretty useful for survivability. Roughly 165 health per shot assuming u hit for 550 each time. I dun feel that there is a need to max this card as 30% is enough to do the job.

Leg day 2: The extra jump distance can allow greater mobility. Just like above, upgrade this to 2 and it should get the job done just fine.

Seismic wave 3: Cooldown on Buck's jump is huge since it allows buck to be so much more flexible, such as helping him chase down or switch between targets at the right time. 2s CDR is ideal, but 0.5s less shouldnt be too noticeable.

Speed loader 2: 10% reload speed can help to secure a kill a lot. Combined with deft hands the difference will become quite noticeable.

Vigor 2: Besides Buck's leap, his recovery of course needs CDR too, but in a different form. As a flank, kills should be easy to come by, hence making this card very viable. However, 50% recovery CDR is better than 100% IMO, due to the fact that sometimes u may get a kill when recovery is off cooldown, so no point investing so much into this.

As for items, ideally you'll want deft hands and lifesteal to match your build, but of course the items u select is still highly dependent on your opponents. E.g. cauterize will still be more effective against team comps with ying, especially since they may be one of your main priorities. However, wrecker is not rly recommended since tanks arent ur expected targets. 

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