One dwarf army

Last updated 1 year ago


Forged Alloy IV
Field Deploy II
Healing Station III
Bowling Ball II
Palisade I


Master Riding III
Wrecker II
Rejuvenate I
Resilience III
Author's Notes

This barik build is all about survivability and point control. What you'll want to achieve is to secure the point ASAP and set up "shop" with your teammates, once that is done it will be hard for enemies to overthrow you as long as u hv a competent team. Well, not rly coz i think one can 1v4 with this build if you're lucky.

Why no bunker?!?! Honestly, barik has one of the worst shields already so no point buffing its health. And since its immobile, it makes more sense to work on its cooldown instead so you can deploy more of them. But still, this build isnt focused on his shield in the first place.

Why no combat repair?!?! Well, pretty sure that turret health is more important. With +700 health it becomes rather challenging for ur turrets to be taken down unless focused on, but in nornal sitiations your first turret placements can survive the initial wave of opponents. After that just simply keep on spamming new turrets to ensure they stay healthy. Field deploy 2 enables your babies to get up and blasting quickly enough so no worries.

Again, items is highly dependent on the in-game situation, but i highly recomment master riding since it allows barik to secure the point as early as possible to set up his fort. If barik loses the point it gets hard for him to get the foundation up again from scratch.

The other slots are mostly situational, but wrecker is a nice choice since you'll be up against tanks. With the bonus dmg from your turrets you can get them off the point no problem. If not, cauterize can ruin their healer's day.

Resilience is simply there in case of bomb king, he is one of your biggest threats while contesting the point. Also helps against maldamba, pip and now sha lin.

Rejuvenate is self explanatory, but dun buy this if your opponents run cauterize.

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