Against a prick flank

Sha Lin
Last updated 1 year ago


Quick Sand IV
Strike True I
Swagger III
Daring Escape I
Oasis III


Chronos III
Haven III
Aggression III
Kill to Heal III
Author's Notes

Youre countered by skye entirely. Her kit is meant to counter you

Best thing when against her: stun her and have your q up

Most likely youre q is on cooldown so run after stunning

stun on cooldown too? good luck to you

Quick Sand to increase the chance of having stun arrow 

Strike true to increase survivability against skye, to work with quick sand

Swagger cuz surprise attacks you need the extra health 

Daring escape for situation when in planted position and theres a surprise attack

Oasis cuz heals from illusion skill

Items shd be self explanatory

BOTTOM LINE : this build is for the fast reacters quick  thinkers. if skills are on cooldown youre done for. your basic attack is too slow for flanking basic attacks

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