TB's Main Grohk

Last updated 1 year ago


Gale IV
Outreach II
Healing Rain IV
Totemic Rescue I
Shamanic Might I


Chronos III
Blast Shields II
Cauterize II
Kill to Heal I
Author's Notes

Grohk is an awesome support, with his totem he can heal any tank to full HP in a moment.

He is great with 2 front-lines, his ultimate is perfect to boost 3v2 fights,  as hes ultimate heals and speeds up 2 of  teammates, and damages, slows down your enemies.

Hes totem is great source of healing if its protected or hidden, hes lighting rod is able to take down enemies great and with cauterize you can slow your enemy teams healing just with a flick of a wrist.

Hes ghost walk gives you great ability of surviving against ultimates and huge amounts of damage.

Gale IV allows you to reduce the cooldown of healing totem, more healing is always better, also with healing rain IV you can get your fellow tanks to full HP faster or make them stronger in middle of a fight, Outreach II allows you to reach your teammates easier and Shamanic Might I boosts your ability of surviving.


Hide your totem close to your front-liners to support them in middle of a fight, use your ghostwalk when getting in to trouble or hearing BK, Viktor etc. using their ultimate on enemy team, Lighting rod is great support with cauterize!

Chronos is useful because of the long cooldown of totem, kill to heal is great as Grohk can damage many targets and he gets a lot of eliminations, cauterize is great too because he damages easily so many targets, blue item will be chosen due the situation of the game.

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