All-Round Kinessa

Last updated 2 years ago


Quick Scope II
Prodigy IV
Open Season II
Restore III
Amplitude I


Cauterize III
Haven III
Kill to Heal III
Master Riding III
Author's Notes

Cards make sure you are pretty flexible and durable.

Quick Scope II is fast enough for scoping in & out, even in tight situations

Prodigy IV for the mobility, in case flank comes or you need to change positions

Open Season II for revealing enemies. Very useful for finishing enemies off or dueling, since you have the sight advantage over your opponent

Restore III for the needed durability. In case of tight situations, Teleport for the heals and to somewhere safe.

Amplitude I just to fill in. In my case, since it affects more people I choose this. Feel free to switch with other cards to your liking

As for the items, it is extremely flexible and situational. Here are what to go on a descending order of priority, so choose according to your situation.

Reds: Cauterize, Wrecker, Deft Hands, Bulldozer

Most of the time Cauterize is to go to ensure that your shots count and your target won't be able to out-heal the damage.
Wrecker is for Ruckus, mainly. Or two-tanks line-up. Or any other situation, which you see fit.
Deft Hands is to go only when there are no tanks/heals, or you're simply dominating, OR your teammates already got you covered with both Cauterize and Wrecker.

Blue: Haven/Blast Shield

Yellow: Master Riding, Morale Boost

Green: Kill to Heal, Life Rip

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