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Fuel Efficiency I
Healing Station III
One Man's Treasure III
Bowling Ball II
Failsafe III


Resilience I
Morale Boost I
Kill to Heal I
Cauterize I
Author's Notes


This build is built around being mobile and being able to occasionally flank, it is best used with another FL while it is still possible to solo tank with a good team behind you. You should be using Rocket Boots whenever low on health and keep on placing those turrets so you are sure to get that CD off with One Man's Treasure. Points can be exchanged between One Man's Treasure Healing Station and Failsafe depending on how aggressive/defensive you plan to play. Don't get too carried off when duelling with enemies, it is smarter to stay on the point or abandon a target if they go too far away from where they can trap and kill you.

Legendary card: 

This card is built around the Tinkerin card and relies on good accuracy and timing for consistent damage.


For the blue items, it is purely situational, I often choose Resilience but Blast Shields and Haven can be used as well. For yellow items, I also often choose Morale Boost but Chronos and Master Riding can also be useful. For the green ones, Kill to Heal is by far the best one, unless you really know what you are doing, this should be a must as it is really easy to get elimination as Barik. The red ones are situational, I would say to pick either Cauterize or Wrecker depending on enemy team composition.

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