My Barik Guide

Last updated 2 months ago


Combat Repair I
Forged Alloy III
Bowling Ball II
Healing Station IV
Palisade II


Rejuvenate III
Morale Boost II
Author's Notes

Ive been using this build for the past 200 games, its been working for me. it has decent healing so they reliability of a god support is less (still need a support tho), i use shield for damage and blocking strong nades/ults. i use my ult primarily for zone cover or emergency shield, or for a final push of payload. Rejuv and Moral Boost are my garenteed picks the other two are match dependent (Usually Haven/Blastshield, Caut/wrecker. occasionally bulldozer for ying, inara, grohk)

Cards:  Healing Station 5, Palisade and Bowling ball 2, Forged Alloy and Combat repair 3. i use the Architectonics subclass, but you could potentially use fortify/hairtrigger, may need to modify build a little tho

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