Reversal for the win.

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Disrupt III
Seething Hatred III
Marksman II
Equivalent Exchange II
Watchful II


Haven III
Morale Boost III
Life Rip III
Deft Hands III
Author's Notes

So,in the game you get 15 in the card selection menu,so idk. In the game I have disrupt at 5 and seething hatred at 5,and watchful at 1. So this build is for getting your reversal back fast to block and counter enemies. For this build you should use the godslayer rune that makes your reversal always do 800 damage. This will help u if u don’t get any absorbed damage with it. So disrupt 5 reduces the cooldown of reversal from 14 seconds to 8 seconds. Then seething hatred 5 makes it when you hit an enemy,your reversal cooldown reduces by 2.5 seconds. Marksman 2 is good for the melee because it has a decent range,idk why androxus’s arms are 8 feet long lol,and when you melee an enemy it generates 3 ammo. Equivalent exchange 2 lets you heal for 20% of the damage you absorb with reversal,and then watchful 1 makes it when you get an elim,your active cooldowns reduce by 10%. So,now the items.

deft hands is an essential because it gives you a faster reload time. Faster reload=the faster you can hit enemies=faster reversal usage.

haven is the one defense card that is good,I wouldn’t use it over anything else.

morale boost helps you get your special ability faster which makes you able to kill people with 4K health faster,or just killing all the enemy flanks lol.

Life rip helps you keep your HP up when you are attacking. Androxus has a good defense but against people like Viktor,Tyra,Vivian,Kinessa,etc,unless you know how to use him well,he can’t handle himself against those people. I’m only lvl 20 with androxus so i don’t really know lol.

so that concludes my guide for you all. Sorry for the long post,but I like to put in all of the details. Cya!

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