Flying Inara: Get High!

Last updated 2 weeks ago


Summit IV
Standing Stones II
Sacred Ground II
Geomancer II
Stone Bulwark II


Chronos II
Nimble I
Author's Notes

Why would you use a flying Inara?

Two reasons: Reach high ledges in certain maps to flank a damager that no one is reaching  (on Timber Mill, Splitstone Quarry, and Stone Keep) or save yourself from death on the ground (all open maps without roofs and indoor buildings). Somebody gonna ult you? Fly away! Short on health? Fly away!

All you need to practice is putting the wall directly underneath you. If you're moving, place the wall a little forward instead of directly underneath. Summit is the key card you will want to have in your loadout, adjust the level to suit your needs.

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