Be Annoying

Last updated 1 year ago


Teleport III
Wormhole II
Cold Blooded I
Flicker II
Reprieve IV


Kill to Heal III
Chronos III
Author's Notes

It's mainly your job to be the most annoying prick in the game. 

Play with their enemy damage with your blinks and good timing of ice block.

If you can disrupt their rhythm then you'll be doing a pretty good job.

One thing to remember is to target your blinks upwards when escaping, it confuses enemies most of the time and get the timing for Ice block right and you shouldn't have much problems.

You can play around with the cards at your leisure. You can level down teleport to II and level Flicker for sustain. Or if you think you're good enough without flicker, you can always get Over the Moon and Great distance for that Soar distance.

Kill to heal and Chronos are pretty locked items for me. Defensive and Offensive items are situational depending on the enemy and the flow of the game. 

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