Healing Travel

Last updated 8 months ago


Nether Siphon IV
Soul Forge IV
Veil II
Dark Whisper I
Blood Pact I


Morale Boost II
Cauterize III
Veteran III
Author's Notes

This loadout is based on two things one is healing and the other is making sure you survive. A support is the main focus of the enemy team and most would even sacrifice themselves to take them down. That is why supports need great movement abilities to make them escape these scenarios. Seris's Shadow Travel is the best escape ability in my opinion. It makes her invisible but unlike Skye, Sha Lin and Strix she cannot be harmed when in this movement ability. The enemy can see you if they are close enough to them although unless they buy illuminate you will be alright. Even if they do that with this loadout you can heal a good bit of health while in shadow walk so it matters little if the enemy has illuminate as you will be healed enough to engage again or continue retreating to your team to help you.

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