Buck kill or die

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Deep Breath IV
Stomping Ground IV
Reconstruction II
Street Sweeper I
Tangled I


Cauterize III
Nimble III
Author's Notes

This build is made for one role only and that is to get kills. It works very well for the most part as he is bulky enough to still work after everyone max caut and he can been playing aggressive and defensive. Best used to counter flanks and surprise attack healers and snipers from behind.


How does this build work. When max damage reduction and cooldown reduction you can work as a finisher on your team. Either one vs one where the heal and bulky build with damage reduction should let you win 9 out of 10 1v1. Or with your team and jump in to get close enough to finish of someone and jump out again before you die. (recovery should cover the damage) or flank. As you fear nothing but 2v1 you should be confident enough to roam in their camp alone waiting for a correct moment. Should you be discovered you should try jumping to areas where the chances of fighting 2v1 or more is minimal. Don't be afraid to play a bit defensive in your flank since your bulk + healing and great damage is enough to get people to hunt after you, but you will normally win these battle as long as you avoid getting duoed.

Nimble is useless in this build

Yes, chronos might be better, but you don't really relies on cd, but getting the kill. So moving around faster then the rest is more important.

Caut is stupid, death hands are better

Yes, Buck need more reload speed to win fights, but this is a team game and caut is normally the most important item to max. Most of your hits will be from a far when waiting for the correct moment, and many 1v1 fights have often a heal available. In most cases you should pick caut for the benefit for the team, though reload speed can be better, but I don't recommend it.

What legendary card

Well there are a lot of good options depending on the playstyle you prefer, but I feel the healing legendary card works best overall. It gives you a great early game and should give you plenty of credits to be more efficient and reach level 3 caut faster.

The netshot is also a good card, but the build is not really builded for that to have max effect. The ultimate card is also great, but falls a bit behind as going for ulties often is a great way to be overfocused. I had some succes with it but mostly just in games where I am allready overpowered and would have won that game easy anyhow.

The jumping/landing card is prefered by many but in my opinion that card is a bit to risky. As you might not always want to land in their face but escape by it. So it loses most of its intention. But it is a solid pick.

So there you have it. It's a solid buck build that works great on maps with many areas to hide and flank from. It is also very risky as you want to get kills not assists. And that could be problematic from time to time. Also if the gane is filled with hard killing paladins like 4 tanks and 1 healer or a general sturdy team you might want to try something else. So have a backup build for that possibility.

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