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Soul Forge I
Blood Pact I
Fade to Black I
Nether Siphon I
Dark Whisper I


Nimble II
Cauterize III
Morale Boost II
Veteran II
Author's Notes


1. Soul Forge (Points use : 5/15)

make it five points to enhance her healing duration and make it more effective :) (reduce RMB cooldown by 0.5s~2.5s at Lv 1~5

2. Blood Pact (Points use : 2/15 or 3/15)

if you use this card, you wont have to worry about green item anymore but this card still situational depend on your play style, you will get constant heal everytime you channel your RMB to your ally by amount 70 ~ 350 per second at Lv 1-5

3. Fade to Black (Point use : 4/15 or 3/15 Points

I highly recommend this card since it will make seris almost "untouchable" by your opponent because it will reduce your shadow travel ability which have insane cooldown duration (14s base cooldown), by having this card on your loadout at 3 or 4 points will help you so much because they can reduce up to 4s shadow travel ability every second you channel your RMB skill. So you will have massive 8s cooldown reduction that will help you so much in such situation like triggering the overtime while competing on the objective point :) but i recommend you to put 4 points instead of 5 points because 3.2s reduce cooldown each second while channelling your RMB are enough to make it way easier. It will increase 0.8s everytime you distribute one point in this card.

4. Nether Siphon (Point use : 2/15 points)

This card is very good if you want to be safe after you getting out of your shadow travel. It will heal you 50 hit points per second while you are in shadow travel mode (Shadow travel have 4s duration) and over its duration count as progress for you being out of combat status so you can regain some of your HP after your shadow travel end. i recommend to use two skills point and grab yourself 100 health per second during shadow travel regain.

5. Dark Whisper (Point use : 2/15)

Dark whisper is a must for me because i can get faster movement speed while in shadow travel to reposition myself or get away from certain situation. Two points distributed for this card will make you move 40% faster stack up to 100% at five points.


1. Blue items : always buy haven or blast shield because you are a support that will always sit back behind your tank or being mobile support as well :D but if you find so many crowd control champions, consider to buy  resilience and make your shadow travel ability as effective as possible since you will be an easy target to kill without both haven or blast shield :)

2. Yellow items : if you want to be a mobile support and faster movement speed without your shadow travel, you should consider to buy nimble or if you want to charge your ultimate ability faster, you should grab morale boost and stack it until level 2 because it is enough to have level 2 yellow card and consider it to buy red item

3. Green items : i found it very useless for seris to buy this item but you can try with kill to heal or veteran items. You use kill to heal if you actively spamming your LMB while keeping the heal amount or you can be very passive with your LMB since you notice your opponents are very aggressive players and you have to rely on your shadow travel to keep your HP in a safe zone while trying to be gain out combat HP regeneration.

4. Red items : always buy cauterize for seris because her damages are very low and you have to deal with it. Also,  consider the fact that her reload speed  is very fast you can spam your LMB like a anytime when you see an open gap between your enemy attack and your ally safe HP zone.


1. Always click your RMB :D

2. Use your shadow travel at your maximum amount of damage that you can take. (Mine is 800 safe  HP zone before i activate shadow travel)

3. You can use your shadow travel to reposition yourself while you are not in tight situation

4. Use your Rend Soul ability as effective as possible and dont spam it considering it is have a long cooldown duration (10s base cooldown). Use it when you see a low HP champions and you have an orb stack on that champions :D

5. Use your ultimate ability to create combo with your ally or saving the objective overtime by throwing your ultimate outside the objective point to stall your opponent and create a crack between their formation :D

That's all from me :D (add me if you mind : MrLintang) :D

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