tanky bomb king

Bomb King
Last updated 1 year ago


Countdown IV
Accelerant I
Uncontrolled I
Bomb Shelter II
King's Court IV


Blast Shields I
Chronos I
Wrecker I
Life Rip I
Author's Notes

basicly this bomb king is to both stay alive, and be a big pain for the other team basicly. mostly to harrash the tanks in the middle as much as we can

countdown so you can throw grumpy bomb as much as possible. accelerant I because we want a bit more throw back to get to safety.
bomb shelter II because we are going to need to take less dam when we get chased or have to get close and it will happen

kings court  IV because we are going to need that healing big time with this build

try to imagen this bomb king as a guy that needs to stay alive so you can take down tanks adn survie when people go after you

the first thing you want to do is guess what type of dam you are going to deal with the most and take dam reduction as first choice

second you want to see what you need to deal the most with, is it the tanks get wrecker it hurst their shields like hell.
is it to keep people away from point, get cooldown recuction both your grumpy bomb and poppy bomb will have lower cooldown
are the people hurting you too much get more healing or higher defence

this build is meant to adept to thier team and basicly counter what they play

here is the problem with this build, of the dam type on the other team is split up this build might not be the best choice but that mostly depends on what the heroes are

here is the good thing this build can be very hard to kill and very annoying

i was 63 on the leaderboard with this build at one point so i can tell it does work for me, of it doesnt work for you that's fine we all have different play styles but give it a shoot you might like it :)

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