Odd decks - n°1 - Ork Flash Git

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Heat Diffuser I
Nanotechnology II
No Chill IV
Warden IV
Metal March I


Life Rip II
Chronos II
Blast Shields II
Wrecker III
Author's Notes

My first in a series of alternative decks I have built for Ruckus.

Ruckus isn't a main tank. I personally don't think that a full sustain-focused build is truly optimal with him, especially as you play with better teammates and become a better team player yourself. I have tried lately to make a few builds focusing instead on enhancing his fire support potential. This is however made more difficult by his relatively mediocre or situational cards that make him a lot less reliable than even the very situational Barik.

Ruckus is a frontline tank slayer, able to put out massive amounts of continuous damage in the heart of the fight and apply a lot of pressure. But you NEVER want to be the focus of attention for too long, or you will melt very quickly. Your Fernando/Barik buddy will be much better suited for that task.

And to those who don't know who the Flash Gitz are:



The Flash Git build is better suited to maps with good cover close to the point. Best: Ice Mines, Jaguar Falls | Okay: Ice Guard, Snake Beach | Not great but doable: Timber Mill, Frog Isle | Not ever: Fish Market


No Chill: This card is the core of the build. It allows you to abuse corners more easily and to make the most of your opportunities to do damage, especially when combined with your emitter's slow.

Warden: can be III or IV. You're not supposed to be the centre of attention, but you'll eventually have to take some heat from time to time. Your Emitter is perfect for these situations where the extra resilience is needed. Its slow is a good bonus that makes focusing targets that much easier by thwarting their escape (slow isn't affected by warden btw, it always lasts 2 seconds).

Nanotechnology: can be II or III. A nice bonus that synergises well with Warden. Play with either card's level depending on whether you wish to have a longer lasting shield (my preferences) or better healing bursts (if you have trouble handling flankers).

Heat Diffuser: can be I or II. An important card for Ruckus, but as you get better at playing him and timing your Emitter, you'll do fine as long as you bring the cooldown to 10 seconds or less. You'll pick up Chronos as your burn card of choice anyway, so even I is enough as a secondary Frontliner (II if you have more trouble managing cooldowns, or on the "Not great but doable" maps ).

Metal March: Repulsor field, while limited in its applications, is nonetheless very handy to protect teammates near objectives. Extra radius is more team-oriented, but you can also opt for Alternator for bonus heals


Utility: Chronos is the only reliable item for this deck and is your top priority. You generally don't need to reach the objective or build ult faster, and Nimble is negated by your speed penalty when firing.

Health: Life rip is one of my favourites for this M1 deck, but it's expensive. Rejuvenate is great if you have a Mal Damba / Ying as main healer. Kill to heal is good if you have at least one flanker (or damage) that can secure eliminations from your constant damage. I would avoid Veteran on Ruckus, who's more about constant pressure than hit-and-run tactics. Health is your second most important burn item.

Defence: You have a good HP pool and are an off-tank who shouldn't attract enemy focus constantly. This makes defence burns less urgent unless your flankers/ main frontline are worthless. You'll often get the most use out of Blast shields, not only against BK and Drogoz direct hits, for whom your are an easy target when revved up, but also because the deck encourages to play close to corners, using Advance to dart in and out of cover. This makes splash a bigger concern than direct damage in general. Pick Haven if Cassie is making your life a nightmare. Resilience is also very underrated for Ruckus, allowing him to shrug off Pip/Evie slows and BK/Damba/ShaLin stuns with ease. Not to mention that it will render Poppy Bombs completely useless against you. It's also fairly cheap, so it won't destroy your eco.

Offence: Wrecker will melt shields so quickly it isn't even funny. Bulldozer is also a nice pick against team comps with Barik/Ying/Grohk if your support players aren't shooting those. You have 200 rounds, so turrets/illusions/totems won't distract you for too long from your other targets. Cauterize is good on paper, but honestly, unless you have Makoa as your main Frontliner or dumb teammates picking Aggression, leave this to Fernando/Barik or another Flank/Damage.

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