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Propel IV
Masterful IV
Fuel Tank II
Lung Capacity I
Survival I


Author's Notes

This deck makes drogoz extremely mobile with propel 4, let me tell you something, drogozs boosters (hold spacebar) will go as fast as drogoz is moving. So if you were to hold down spacebar when your dragon punch ends(assuming you don't hit someone with your dragon punch), you will go the same speed as you were during dragon punch.  Propel makes your boosters go insanely fast. The second card Masterful 4 is, masterful can make your fire spit come back instantly of its cooldown. Combine this with lung capacity 1 it makes fire spit perfect. Fuel tank is so that you can stay in air longer. Survival can save your life so make sure you have it in the deck. Hope this was helpful and that you try this deck.   

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