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Heat Diffuser III
Nanotechnology III
Warden III
No Chill II
Fuel Reserves I


Life Rip I
Morale Boost I
Author's Notes

I hear a lot of people talking about how Ruckus is a "terrible tank", and it's probably true. Ruckus is the worst at solo tanking. However, in a dual tank scenario, Ruckus excels at being the backup tank, and can stay off point or to the side and deal damage while only coming onto the point when needed to. He can also be a excellent installment to a team that revolves around a Flanknando, with Ruckus being the initial front line until Fernando is available to come back onto the objective.

Ruckus's strong points are his: DPS, damage reduction

Ruckus's weaknesses are his: Lack of mobility, subpar shielding

Items: To start off, Ruckus has one of the highest DPS in the game, only after Skye. Life Rip takes advantage of that, turning damage back into some much needed healing, as Ruckus is an easy target due to his lack of mobility while firing. You'll want to start the game off with either Life Rip or a red item, which should alternate between Wrecker, Cauterize, and Bulldozer. I recommend Wrecker when against a Fernando, or a dual tank team, but not against any solo tank that is not Fernando. Cauterize should always be a high priority pick for any team with a healer. Some exceptions are made to this, however, when any of the following scenarios occur. When they opposing team has two or more champions that employ the use of deployables, you may want to get Bulldozer. However, I don't recommend it. Instead, try and talk with your team and see if any of them are willing to get Bulldozer. As for the other red items, Aggression is possibly the worst item in the game and Deft Hands should be a low priority pick that you should only get if the other team has no front lines or healers. For the green items, Veteran is an OK pick, but due to Life Rip being so much more useful, it is not recommended. Rejuvenate is useful for when Ruckus is a solo tank, but not in this build. Kill to Heal is simply not useful for Ruckus. Moving on to yellow items, I almost always get Morale Boost, but usually later on in the match. This may seem counter-intuitive, but getting a red item, blue item, and Life Rip is much more useful than getting a yellow item on Ruckus. As for the other yellow items, Chronos is OK, but won't have a profound effect on Ruckus, Nimble is a bad pick for Ruckus, and Master Riding is not really useful for a secondary tank. For blue items, Ruckus should get any of them except for Illuminate, as it is used mostly for detecting Skye, and Skye will usually not target Ruckus. In addition, Repulsor Field already detects stealth. Get Blast Shields or Haven based on damage type. I also recommend Resilience if the opposing team has a spam stunning Mal'damba or a Bomb King with frequent grumpy bombs.

Loadout: Because Ruckus may not be on the point often in a dual tank scenario, this build does not include any cards that relate to Repulsor Field, as it can only be activated near an objective. Heat Diffuser, Warden, and Nanotechnology are all pretty important cards in a shield based Ruckus, and so stacks of 3 for all 3 of them are necessary. No Chill is also a pretty good card that I don't see many people employing, as it increases Ruckus's movement speed during firing, which is one of Ruckus's major weaknesses. Fuel Reserves is also a counter to this weakness, as it causes Ruckus to be able to use Advance faster, which is crucial in getting out of bad situation fast.

Strategy: As the game begins, Ruckus should stay behind or on a side to the point at a set location, and deal damage to those that come onto the point. After the enemy tank's shield goes down, Ruckus can change locations either to the side of the point, or onto the point itself. If you are on the side, target the healer, but don't follow anyone too far away from the point. Always stay behind the main tank and focus fire on a single target. When the enemy team is mostly down and needs to regroup, you can either repeat from the start or hop onto the point to front line as well. While pushing the payload, make sure your main tank is in front of the payload, and stand on the payload while firing. If your team's tank dies while you are capturing, following these scenarios:

If your team’s tank is the only one dead, attempt to hold the point. If another member of your team is dead who is NOT the healer, and another member of the enemy team is dead, attempt to hold point. If your healer is dead, but both damage or a damage and a flank on the enemy team is dead, attempt to hold point. Any other scenario and you should retreat and wait to regroup.

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