Reload Build + Items Guide

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Abyss Walker IV
Quick Draw IV
Sleight of Hand I
Through the Warp II
Power of the Abyss I


Deft Hands III
Kill to Heal III
Haven III
Chronos III
Author's Notes

Items Guide(siege):

1st Round : Deft Hands I* (If you have a healer)or Kill to Heal I (for better survivability). You generally should have both by the end of first round.

2nd Round : Kill to Heal II. By the end of the round, buy Deft Hands II (if you feel like you've been playing well and not dying too much) otherwise get Kill to Heal III.

3rd Round : Buy whichever item you didn't get in the 2nd round. After, get Haven I and if the match is about to end, Chronos/Nimble I otherwise save for Haven II.

4th Round : Doesn't matter. Just kill people and get on point. This round tends to end fairly quickly anyway.

*Cauterize II should be bought asap if there's more than 1 healer.

Why should you use this Build ?

Quick Draw IV + Deft Hands I ie 40% reload speed is extremely good in early-mid rounds. This synergy allows you to spend your coins on other items instead.

Power of the Abyss is here since it synergises well with Abyss Walker & Through the Warp.(Mostly it's because the rest of Andy's cards imo aren't all that great)

Finally, Sleight of Hand + Through the Warp is actually quite useful for chasing and finishing low health heroes without needing to waste time reloading.

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