Healing Bulwark

Last updated 2 years ago


Healing Station IV
Bowling Ball II
Forged Alloy IV
Another Man's Treasure I
Combat Repair I


Haven III
Chronos III
Cauterize III
Life Rip III
Author's Notes

Not much to say, since it is a pretty obvious straight forward build.

Your main goal, is to sit there as a bulwark while either grabbing a point or pushing the payload. 

Focus on putting up a turret, stand near it to be healed and to heal it, while protecting it with your Barricade. Put down your second turret as soon as possible and be the bulwark you always wanted to be - unless the enemy team plans ahead and focuses your turrets. 

Make sure to put the turrets in front of the payload to get them pushed around.

If it gets really tight and you have to escape, use Rocket Boots to have a shield up and get outta there.

Here is the written build:

1. Healing Station IV
2. Forged Alloy IV
3. Bowling Ball II
4. Another Man's Treasure I
5. Combat Repair I (can be exchanged with Bunker or Foundation)

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