You Challenge Makoa? Aggro Build

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Strongarm IV
Salvage IV
Barrier Reef I
Surf I
Leviathan II


Haven III
Blast Shields III
Chronos II
Veteran I
Author's Notes

Makoa can ether be played as a front-line tank maxing cards into buffing his Shell Shield, or can be played more aggressively maxing cards into Dredge Anchor. This guide will show you how to play a more aggressive Makoa with more potential for hooks. You should primarily focus on hooking squishy targets such as Damage/Flankers. Hooking tanks is good when they're low, or if you need to bring Fernando's shield down. It can also be used to interrupt Ruckus's mini-gun requiring him to rev it up again. As with most front-liners you'll want to get on the point as soon as possible. You'll want to make sure that your back-line is uncontested. If you see that your back-line is about to be flanked a good hook onto the enemy flanker should be enough to keep them alive.


Strongarm IV / Salvage IV

This card is going to be your bread and butter. It reduces the cooldown of your hook by .5 seconds per level, and putting 4 points into it reduces it by 2 seconds. This along side with Chronos allows you to hook every 6.3 seconds. This allows you to have massive pick potential on important enemies such as a Cassie or Androxus. 4 points into Salvage means that Dredge Anchor now generates us a whole clip, 4 shots. This helps us when we hook so that we don't have to waste time reloading. Shooting around 2-4 times before hooking almost guarantees you a kill since most Damage/Flankers sit around the 2k health pool.

Leviathan II

Putting 2 points into this gives you 300 health. This makes you more durable and adds this health to your ult as well.

Barrier Reef I

If your shield tends to get taken down before the duration this card is useful for refunding a bit of the cooldown. This is a very useful card in a tank build but 1 point suffices for this build.

Surf I

1 point into this gives you just a bit more of distance in your Shell Spin which is useful if you're chasing to hook or looking to get away.


It is best to max out ether Haven or Blast Shields depending on what damage type the other team has more of. Maxing out Chronos second allows you to toss out more hooks while having your shield on a lower cooldown. It also helps you have more mobility as well. For healing ether take Veteran or Rejuvenate if you have a good healer that you can rely on. The last item you should buy should be an Offensive item. I usually tend to buy Aggression because of the bonus damage from the hook and reload speed isn't needed because of the 4 ammo gain on hook. Thanks for reading my guide, I'll make sure to update it if needed.

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