Mal'Damba King of Gourds

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Many Gourds IV
Ritual Magic III
Incorporeal III
Feed the Spirits I
Snake Pit I


Chronos III
Haven III
Cauterize III
Veteran III
Author's Notes

This build focuses on keeping your Gourd up time as high as possible. With more gourd up time you'll have better team healing and area denial. 


Many Gourds IV: Obviously for keeping your Gourd up time high

Ritual Magic III: I generally take Ritual Magic 3 as it gives me more survivability but it is more punishing if you miss it. You could run Eerie Presence III if you aren't confident in hitting your Mending Spirits or you want more consistency. You could also Run Ritual Magic IV and Incorporeal II or the other way around depending on preference.

Incorporeal III: As I said above. You can also run another  survivability card like Sustenance, Spirit Touch, or Fleeting but I prefer having the extra 150 health to have a bit more staying power. You could also technically run Eerie Presence here as well but for Mal'Damba to be most effective he has to be pretty close due to the shorter range on his left click so the extra HP helps for keeping you up.

Feed the Spirits I: While not Mandatory it is very helpful for keeping your Gourd up time high and it's fairly easy to eliminations on Mal'Damba due to how Gourd works. If you wanted to could replace this with something like Venomous Gourd, Light Gourd, or Pungent Gourd but I don't thin they are as good. It's up to you though. You could also replace it with another surviability if you think you may need or want that.

Snake Pit I: Basically same as above but Feed the Spirits is a better card so you are losing less by replacing Snake Pit with something else. I like it because I really like getting good use out of my Snake Stuns. Entirely personal preference.


Chronos: It's basically a choice between this and Morale Boost but I prefer this. Slightly more expensive but you get to throw SO MANY GOURDS.

Haven: Obvious either Haven or Blast Shield for the extra  survivability.

Cauterize: Generally as a support you want to be the one to pick up Cauterize because every other character in the game besides some tanks can make better use of other cards but having cauterize is still very important. If you want to go Ham grab Deft Hands. If you are dealing with Ying + Barik you might want to consider Bulldozer. I don't think Wrecker is that good on supports unless they are running like a triple tank composition.

Veteran: I usually grab my healing items last as you already have a lot of ways to regen your HP. I usually grab Veteran as it allows me to run out of combat when I'm low but still get my Gourd and Mending Spirits off on my allies while also healing up myself. Consider Rejuvenate if you have another healer or Kill to Heal if you really want it. I usually don't recommend Life Rip because it's too expensive, you already have in combat healing and your money is better spent elsewhere on upgrading one of the first three items. 

So that's my guide for Mal'Damba! It's what seems to work well for me, if you have any questions or suggestions for my built I frequent the Paladins Subreddit frequently :)

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