[D2] Post OB64 Nerf Maeve Guide

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Chase I
Patch Up I
Shred I
Street Cred I
Walk it Off I


Chronos I
Cauterize III
Kill to Heal I
Haven I
Author's Notes

Maeve was nerfed pretty hard. She's not all that terrible as people are claiming her to be though.

Maeve has always only had 1 viable Legendary Card option which was Artful Dodge , but  with the new Street Justice Legendary her play-style is altered a bit.

I will be focusing on Street Justice, because Artful Dodge is more of a situational Legendary against CC since you have an actual choice between cards now.

Street Justice = Execute . Street Justice can cause burst damage up to 4k on tanks if able to hit consecutively one after another using Nine Lives. 

General Gameplay: 

Learn how to double-jump. If you don't then you will die. Simple. Your double jump/air control is nuts. It makes Maeve very hard to hit if you alternate where you drift in between jumps. 

Jump as randomly as possible. The more unpredictable your jumps are the harder you are to hit.

Learn the projectile falloff for AAs. This is just something you have to learn over time. 

Learn to flick your mouse and predict. Maeve throws TWO daggers and they are thrown not at once but one after another which means you have to predict movement if you want to hit a moving enemy. (Heads up. Most enemies will be moving)

Pounce is your only reliable means of escape. You are as squishy as jello. Make sure you don't use pounce into an enemy unless: A) You are in Pounce Execute Range (50% HPish) or B) Your Nine lives is up and you can use it to reset the CD and escape. 

General Dueling Strategy:

Accuracy is everything. Take time with your shots and don't blindly throw daggers. Every Dagger Counts.

Always Save Nine Lives for Pounce Reset so you can escape or execute.

Full HP Enemy: Auto attack from a safe distance until hp is at 50-60%ish (40-30% for Tanks unless your Nine Lives is up)

50% HP Enemy: Get into Pounce range using Prowl if you aren't in range already and use the Average Combo:

General Combos:

Escape Combo: Pounce (Upwards or away from enemy), Nine Lives, and another Pounce away to safety. 

Average Combo: Jump, AA, Pounce, Jump into another AA. See "General Dueling Strategy"

Nine Lives Extended Average Combo (Kills tanks at 50-60%HP ish): Jump, AA, Pounce, Jump, AA, Nine Lives, Pounce, Jump into another AA and Prowl for escape. 

You want to be in the air for the entirety of the combo and can due to the bounce off and extra jumps from Pounce. You want to be in the air the entire time because it makes you near impossible to hit or even see most of the time while attacking them. 

Card Build :

Chase: Prowl speed increase is needed to get in and out.

Patch Up: Extra healing is always nice. Especially if not running Artful Dodge.

Shred: The more your Pounce is up the better.

Street Cred: More HP = Good for squishy targets. (Who knew?)

(Interchangeable Choice) Walk it Off: I like the extra HP regen it gives. 

Good substitutions for Walk it Off: On Edge, Savagery, Scamper, or Predation in that order.


First item: Chronos due to 2 seconds off the CD of Nine Lives if not taking On Edge.

Second-Fourth item: Cauterize 1-3. It's the best.

Third Item(Enemy Dependent): Haven = Direct Damage | Blast Shields = AoE Damage

Resilience if against heavy CC | Illuminate if against invisible enemies such as Strix or Sha Lin.

Fourth Item: Probably wont get to it but get Kill to Heal because anything else is irrelevant unless you're getting pocket healed or have 100% AA accuracy. 

That's it. If you liked my guide then Like it so that other people can see. If not. Sorry but oh well.

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